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  • An Essay on Katherine Mansfield’s Short Story "Sixpence"

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An Essay on Katherine Mansfield’s Short Story "Sixpence"
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Published: 22.12.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

This short story is about the difficulties one has to face when raising a child. It is about the choices we have to make and how they affect us. Nobody can predict how one decision would impact the character and future life of an individual. But there still lies a great deal of responsibility.
The problem discussed here is whipping. Probably every parent has considered this kind of punishment. I cannot say that it is completely wrong but I have always thought of it as the easy way out. Of course, after a whipping the child would not repeat the thing he has been punished for, but is it because he now understands that it is wrong and why it is wrong or because he is afraid of being whipped again. I strongly believe that violence only creates more violence, so instead of grasping a belt every time a kid has done something wrong, parents should have a serious talk with their children, because when there is mutual understanding and respect, only then there can be trust and every real relationship is built on trust and honesty.
I have always considered myself as a calm person, even when I was a kid I would rather read a book than glue my cat to the floor or climb trees. …

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