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Using Cooperative Learning Strategy - The Round Table, in Teaching English Vocabulary to Secondary School Ppupils
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Published: 28.05.2008.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 20 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    7
1.  Teaching/learning vocabulary    10
1.1.  Vocabulary teaching strategies    13
1.2.  Teaching vocabulary to secondary school pupils    14
1.3.  Obstacles to vocabulary development    15
2.  Cooperative learning    18
2.1.  Cooperative learning strategies    21
2.2.  The Round Table strategy    25
3.  Case study    27
3.1.  Analysis of the case study –questionnaires    28
3.2.  The Round Table Activities Applied in English Lessons Teaching New Vocabulary    40
3.3.  Analysis of the case study –feedbacks    41
  Conclusion    47
  Theses    49
  Bibliography    50

The theme of the paper is “Using Cooperative Learning Strategy – Round Table in Teaching English Vocabulary to Secondary School Pupils”. The reasons for writing a diploma paper on this topic are several. First of all, nowadays students tend to get through tests and exams using vocabulary they already have learned in elementary school that is not the wordage according to the intermediate level and amount needed to study further. Secondary school pupils are already used to learning new vocabulary from English students’ books and that also is set as home work that usually is not done that denotes that students need changes in teaching/learning process to encourage them to study and enrich English vocabulary. Secondary school pupils already need another way of teaching/learning new English vocabulary. In elementary school students are used to learning new English vocabulary through translation into native language, using pictures to exemplify new words but secondary school pupils already need explanation in the target language or exercises where they can get the meaning of active vocabulary from the context. Using cooperative learning pupils have a possibility to work in groups and interact and help each other to learn new vocabulary and new words better stay in mind when discussed among peers. That is the reason why the author of the Diploma paper claims that cooperative learning strategies can be a solution to improve and enrich vocabulary development teaching English to secondary school pupils.…

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