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  • Development of web based gravity model for forecasting the commuters

    Term Papers for university120 Evaluated! 

    This paper is concerned primarily with the way in which transport affects population migrations as well and hence regions’ growth and development. The main results of my ...

  • Making Photographs

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school31  

    Most photography books start out talking about the various kinds of cameras that are available. Then they talk about lenses, film, and exposure. Only at the very end do they talk ...

  • Logistics in Sport

    Research Papers for secondary school33  

    Abstract Formula 1, Olympic games, FIFA World Cup. Almost everybody, at least in the developed world, knows what these words mean. This paper explains how such events are ...

  • Palīglīdzeklis biznesa plāna izveidei (angļu val.)

    Summaries, Notes for university10  

    BACKGROUND: A project, in a business environment, is: a finite piece of work (it has a beginning and an end); undertaken within defined cost and time constraints; directed ...

  • Fight Club

    Essays for secondary school5  

    Katru nedēļu visā valstī, pagrabos un autodarbnīcās, jauni vīrieši, kuriem ir laba darbavieta, bet nav tēva, noauj kurpes, novelk kreklu un kailām rokām cīnās savā starpā – tik ...

  • Entry to UK Market

    Research Papers for university29  

    12.7 Process In order to give a better experience for customer everything has to run smoothly. This is the place where the electronic Supply Chain Management comes in handy. It ...

  • Internship Report

    Research Papers for university15  

    10) Kid in the elevator As I said before sometimes I used to work as a hostess in a guest relations as well. The guests arrived to the hotel and on reception they needed somebody ...

  • The Company of Wolves

    Essays for university4  

    ... house made of logs. The background: a ...

  • Christ­mas

    Research Papers for elementary school12  

    Christmas, also referred to as Christmas Day or Christmastide, is an annual holiday falling on December 25 or January 6. That honors and celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. ...

  • E-Research

    Research Papers for elementary school10  

    Conclusion. E- research is very much a work in progress. The understanding about term “e- research” is quite wide. New approaches are being developed, new fields of study are ...

  • Riga

    Research Papers for secondary school2  

    ... pine or fir logs with straw or ...

  • Riga City and Old Riga

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school7  

    ... pine or fir logs with straw or ...

  • Marketing Mix

    Research Papers for university12  

    MARKETING MIX ELEMENTS The marketing management process is the process of (1) planning marketing activities, (2) directing the implementation of the plans, and (3) controlling ...

  • Homereading. O.Henry "Stories"

    Research Papers for secondary school7  

    For my project I chose the book of O. Henry- “Stories”. I didn’t know much about the author. I just knew that he is very famous American writer and that was all. Now I also know ...

  • Script Project Based on A.Carter's story "The Company of the Wolves"

    Essays for secondary school4  

    What I would like to use from A. Carter’s story is the first part, because there were mentioned facts and expressions that roused interest in wolves and mysteries around them.It ...

  • Nike’s Market Strategy

    Research Papers for university6  

    "Nike Golf is passionately dedicated to ushering in the future of this great game by developing ground-breaking innovations that enable athletes to perform at their physical and ...


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