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  • Garlic Used as Magic

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... 's how the garlic plant began. Some ... properties. In India, garlic and onions are ... and heart disease. Garlic's sulfur containing ...

  • The Image of Vampire in 19th Century British Literature

    Term Papers for university70  

    CONCLUSION The aim of this paper was to analyze and study transformations of image of vampire in literary works during the 19th century and to study the earliest image of European ...

  • Vermane Garden

    Presentations for elementary school7  

    ... Pauluci, and writer Garlieb Merkel. Ver`y beautiful ...

  • English Words of Foreign Origin

    Summaries, Notes for university3  

    Latin: 1.Con-artists also use viruses and Trojan horses, which took bank codes and other materials from customers’ computers. (Direct borrowing ) (The Baltic Times, May 8-14, 2008 ...

  • Terminology in Hunting

    Research Papers for university37 Evaluated! 

    In this paper first of all I am planning to look upon hunting terminology from the point of view of Language for Special Purposes, as hunting terms represent a kind of professional ...

  • Latvian Cuisine

    Research Papers for secondary school10  

    In both countries soft drinks (also called as non-alcholic) are used a lot. Soft drinks can be divided into groups-still(not fizzy) or sparkling(fizzy or carbonated). Popular ...

  • Leaders of Covid-19 Crisis

    Presentations for secondary school16  

    Decisions-economy Germany’s great strength in exports has been somewhat immune to COVID German exports have bounced back to levels last seen three years ago, with a trade surplus ...

  • Latvia

    Research Papers for secondary school43  

    The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918. It has been continuously recognised as a state by other countries since 1920 despite occupations by the Soviet Union (1940-1941, 1945- ...

  • Latvian Food Culture

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Latvia is located in a temperate climatic zone with fairly long and cold winters and warm, short summers. Due to the harsh climate and relatively poor soil quality Latvians have ...

  • Descriptions of Restaurants in English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    1. Kalku varti - Kalku street 11. The best thing about Vārti is the sweeping views of the party-central of Riga, Livu square. This establishment offers a prime location, a private, ...

  • Usage of Borrowings in English for Finance and Banking

    Practice Reports for university7  

    Introduction The research subject of this paper is based on the matter of foreign influence on the English language during its development. According to Pyles and Algeo (1993, p. ...

  • Women in Politics. Sieviete politikā

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    Es stāstīšu par sievieti politikā, jo daudz kur valda uzskats, ka sievietei politikā nav īstā vieta. Manu prāt, sieviete politikā ir tas pats, kas vīrietis. Iespējams, pat labāk, ...

  • Culture

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Culture is a term that has various meanings. The word "culture" is most commonly used in three basic senses: Excellence of taste in the fine arts and humanities, also known as ...

  • Health and Understanding Are the Two Blessings of Life

    Essays for secondary school1  

    But in my opinion everything in life is as rhythmical, as a wave upon wave on the sea shore. Sometimes we just need to relax and try to throw out all of our heads, think about ...

  • Georgia

    Presentations for university14  

    Georgian cuisine Bread: Shot - (bread, specifically delicious for the spicy food) Hachapuri - (hot bread with cheese bryndza or Suluguni) Sauces: Themal - (sauce from ...

  • Trends in Catering

    Presentations for secondary school17  

    Even five years ago, Korean kimchi and gochujang, Japanese dashi stock and Sriracha hot sauce were seen as exotic in the U.S. mainstream, but now they're everywhere. "Bottles of ...

  • Vegetarianism

    Presentations for elementary school7  

    What is vegetarianism? Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat (redmeat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal), and it may also ...

  • Peculiar use of Vocabulary in Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" and Its Translations into Latvian and Russian

    Research Papers for university12  

    When I chose this theme for my term paper, my intent was to read and analyse the book I had read in my childhood. In addition, I would be able to get acquainted with the original ...

  • English Language Dialects

    Research Papers for university17  

    I have chosen the topic about English language dialects. The reason for choosing it is that once in “Introduction to translation” Jānis Sīlis told us about Cockney English. At ...

  • Ancient Egyptian Mythology

    Research Papers for secondary school12 Evaluated! 

    MYTHS, SAGES AND RELIGION OF ANCIENT EGYPT Because there were a lot of differend believes in Egypt it's impossible to just say: this is what the ancient Egyptians believed. That' ...

  • City Ventspils

    Research Papers for secondary school7  

    Ventspils is the sixth largest city of Latvia. Latvia is located in the eastern part of Europe by the Baltic Sea. Latvia borders on Estonia to the north, Russian Federation to the ...

  • Cold

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    Cold or rhinitis in Latin is nose mucous membrane’s inflammation which appears with one or more symptoms like problematic breathing, flux from nose, scratch and sneeze. Sometimes ...

  • Competitiveness of J/S Company "Kometa" in the World Market

    Term Papers for university75  

    The topic of dissertation “Competitiveness of J/S Company ‘Kometa’ in the world market” is essential, because competitiveness proves to be necessary prerequisite for success of any ...

  • The Main Building of the University of Latvia

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    When the First World War ended there started to fond new countries and Latvia was one of them. One of the conditions to become a successful country is that it has to have a certain ...

  • Englishness

    Essays for university5  

    Englishness. What does this word mean to me? My own understanding is that Englishness is identity of the English. It is both multiple and flexible, with a large number of ...


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