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  • Trip around Latvia

    Research Papers for university7  

    ... War Airfield, Ķegums HES.

  • Quality in Local Waters

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Water covers over 70% of the Earths surface and is a very important resource for people and environment. Water pollution affects drinking water, rivers, lakes and oceans all over ...

  • The Energy Policy in European Union

    Research Papers for university9  

    Conclusions 1. European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was the base and first step of creation of European Union’s energy policy. 2. The tree main objectives of EU energy policy ...

  • The Legacy of Parents

    Essays for secondary school1  

    In a family, parents are responsible for childrens life standards and values, the need and love of learning and their respect to mother earth. Through their example, they teach us ...

  • My Sporting Hero

    Presentations for elementary school10  

    Biggest Achievements 1)The big win vs Russia in 2000. 2)Competing in 4 Olympic games 3)Two 12th places, one 9th place and one 8th place in the Olympics 4)The goalie with the ...

  • Medieval Music

    Research Papers for secondary school34  

    It has already been noted that, in the construction of the first Gothic church, the builder of St. Denis brought together many principles that had been developed separately ...

  • Lexical Stylistic Devices

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    Personification “The winter her body no longer fit walking felt like swimming in blue jeans and a flannel shirt. Everything stuck to her skin: gum wrappers Band-Aids, leaves. ...

  • Daugavpils

    Research Papers for university5  

    Band (not far from A. Bud public garden) of the administrative buildings Alexander Ņevska orthodox church A. Bud bust (A. In a bud public garden) Borisa and Gļeba orthodox ...

  • Russia’s Politics of Memory and the Conflicts in the "Near Abroad"

    Research Papers for university12  

    Introduction After the Fall of Soviet Union Russia was afraid to loose its sphere of influence. For Russia the loss of the Soviet empire and the loss of the status of global ...

  • Henry Fielding as the Representative of the 18th Century Novel Writers

    Summaries, Notes for university4  

    In order to characterize the role of Henry Fielding’s novels during his age, it is necessary to remember, first of all, the general scene of narrative literature at the moment, ...

  • "The Picture of Dorian Grey"

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    • „I love Sybil Vane. I want to place her on a pedestal of gold and see the world worship the woman who is mine.”- I think Dorian is wrong in his attitude because if he loves her ...


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