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  • Glosārijs, terminu vārdnīca

    Summaries, Notes for university30  

    ... un bagātīgs. Daudzpusīga darbība, izglītī-ba. Daudzpusīgas ...

  • Educational System of Latvia

    Research Papers for university10 Evaluated! 

    The present Government has declared: The intellectual potential of our nation is the main measure of the future real chances to acquire the education that corresponds to his/her ...

  • Analysis of Lyrics by Beyonce. Eventual Translation into Latvian

    Term Papers for university43  

    Conclusions The aim of this paper is to give possible translations for Beyoncé’s songs “Halo”, “Heaven”, “I was here”. To do so, books of translation theory and artists life ...

  • Style of Small Talk

    Term Papers for university65 Evaluated! 

    The theme of the present paper - Style of small talk – has been little investigated so far. It is scantily represented by research papers, although small talk is essential in ...

  • Law Worldwide

    Summaries, Notes for university13  

    ... (di’ma:nd)-prasība proper(‘prap∂)-piemērots,īsts ...

  • Linguistics

    Summaries, Notes for university31  

    1. Main branches of linguistics. As linguistics (the science of language) is an enormous field, it needs branches. It can be branched according to Linguistic units 1.phonetics ...

  • Christianity in C.S.Lewis’ Work "The Chronicles of Narnia"

    Term Papers for university52  

    The theme of the present paper is “Christianity in C. S. Lewis’ Work “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The reasons for writing a paper on this topic are numerous. The works of Clive ...

  • Phosphoric Fuel Cell

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school5  

    Resume Phosphoric acid fuel cells use liquid phosphoric acid as an electrolyte—the acid is contained in a Teflon-bonded silicon carbide matrix—and porous carbon electrodes ...


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