Published: 22.02.2018.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2016.g. - 2017.g.
  • Samples 'Short Report on Flexi Time', 1.
  • Samples 'Short Report on Flexi Time', 2.

• Conclusions and recommendations
From the evidence we have examined it appears that the staff of the company is positive about the introduction of a flexi time system and would be in favour of a one-year trial period. The majority of respondents is glad that they might get additional free day, that they didn’t have to get to work in the rush hour, and that everyone will work better.
However, people don’t have strict opinion about the hours for flexi time and which day they would choose to have free. Staff don’t want the introduction of clocking-In system.
Company should reconsider the questions about clocking-In system, additional free day and the hours for flexi time, because now people have many opinions of those issues and about a half of staff don’t want clocking-In system.

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