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  • Jānis Rainis (English)

    Essays for secondary school3  

    ... "Indulis un Ārija" (Indulis and Ārija), are still ...

  • Comparison of G.Repse's "Ikstites" and N.Iksten's "Virgo Studies"

    Research Papers for university10  

    Introduction At the beginning I could not choose one book which am I going to write about. There are two interesting books of comparatively young writers – Nora Ikstena and her “ ...

  • About Latvia

    Presentations for elementary school12  

    Brainstorm (Latvian: Prāta Vētra) Is a Latvian pop/rock band. The band became popular internationally in 2000, when they finished third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 with ...

  • Court in Latvia

    Essays for university2  

    An independent judicial power exists in the Republic of Latvia, alongside the legislative and the executive power. Judicial power in the Republic of Latvia is vested in district ...

  • Ventspils

    Research Papers for secondary school6  

    Ventspils is one of the oldest cities of Latvia. The Castle of the Livonian Order, first mentioned in historical documents of 1290, is considered to be the first building in the ...

  • The Importance of Mobile Phone to Young People

    Research Papers for secondary school28  

    Teenagers of today constitute the first generation growing up with mobile telephones. Studies have shown that young people use mobile phones in ways that are radically different ...


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