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internet library library
Terms of Use

Terms of Use of Atlants Internet Library

1. Explanation of Terms Used in the Agreement

Portal – “Atlants” internet library’s website; address – "".
Clients – a physical entity or a legal person using any of the services offered in the Portal.
CDI – “CDI” Ltd., registration No. 40003589548, owner of “Atlants” internet library.
Services offered in the Portal – an opportunity to receive materials published in the Portal at the given price in order to become acquainted with their contents and use them in accordance with the present Agreement.

2. Terms of Use of Study Materials Published in the Portal

2.1. Materials published in the Portal are to be used for knowledge acquiring (learning) purposes; copyright of the materials is protected in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia. In case of quoting any study paper from the Library a reference to the particular study material and the Portal is compulsory.
2.2. Providers of the Portal do not bear any responsibility for the contents of any materials submitted in the database – the viewpoint expressed and ideas stated in the materials do not always agree with the opinion of creators of the Portal; the information published in the Portal does not always comply with reality as well. Persons not being the authors of the submitted study papers shall be considered as fully authorized by the author of the aforementioned materials, thus becoming fully responsible for their own activity, expressed viewpoint as well as the published information in accordance with the existing legislation.
2.3. Full or partial re-publishing of any materials available in the Portal in an electronic or printed form as well as further distribution of the study papers is prohibited.
2.4. Clients are allowed to use the Portal only and solely in accordance with the present Terms of Use.
2.5. The only lawful way of acquiring the study papers available in the Portal is to receive them as downloadable materials in the public part of the Portal and as attachments of e-mails sent by technical systems of the Portal after completing a corresponding payment in accordance with the prices given at the moment of purchase.

3. Rights and Responsibilities of the Client

3.1. The Client has rights to receive services from the Portal after performing a corresponding payment in accordance with the prices published in the Portal at the moment of purchase as well as the present Agreement and legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
3.2. It is Client’s responsibility to provide the Portal with true personal data and accept Privacy policy.
3.3. It is Client’s duty to inform CDI immediately in case of an erroneous payment to the following e-mail address:

4. Rights and Responsibilities of CDI

4.1. After Client has carried out the payment, it is CDI’s obligation to send an e-mail message to the Client containing a confirmation of the payment and payment number in case the latter has provided a correct e-mail address and activated such an option. It is also CDI’s obligation to publish corresponding information in the Client’s individual profile in the Portal in case the latter has created one and the Client has provided authorization data of his/her individual profile upon completion of purchase.
4.2. CDI is authorized to recover losses, including unearned income, nullify the balance of Client’s virtual account and delete his/her individual profile, as well as bring the matter to relevant law enforcement institutions in the Portal in case the Client has breached any of the following Clauses: 3.2; 3.3; 5.2; 2.2; 2.3; 2.4; and 2.5.
4.3. CDI shall inform the Client at its own discretion on substantial changes and news related with operation of the Portal.

5. Payment Procedure

5.1. Services offered in the Portal are available for holders of credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and debit cards issued in Latvia (Maestro, Visa Electron) if the issuing bank has envisaged such cards for performing purchases in the internet, clients of “Swedbank” using the online payment system of “Swedbank” internet bank (“”) (“BankLink” system). Clients having mobile telephones connected to networks of mobile communications specified in the Portal also can carry out payments by the means of premium rate SMSs. Payments in the Portal can also be performed using the accrued royalty and/or balance of the virtual account in the Portal and compatible “CDI-codes” during the period of their validity, as well as gift vouchers issued by the Portal.
5.2. The use of payment cards and/or payment card data of other persons, also for the purpose of paying for services of the Portal, is unlawful. Such a breach is subjected to punishment in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the Criminal Law.
5.3. A payment performed in the Portal using a payment card belonging to another person shall not provide the payer with a permit to use the services of the Portal.

6. Delivery of Services of the Portal and Terms of Repayment

6.1. Services of the Portal are provided online immediately after performing a corresponding payment. For this reason cancellation of the transaction is not possible after carrying out the payment and CDI shall not pay back the sums received from Clients for services of the Portal, except for the cases and procedures established in the present Section of the Agreement.
6.2. In order to provide high quality services CDI shall maintain a Client Service. If the Client has received services from the Portal incompletely or he/she has paid for the services of the Portal but not received them, the latter may inform CDI or the Client Service provided in the Portal accordingly and representatives of CDI shall review each individual application during business hours (week days from 9:00 – 18:00) and they shall endeavour to supply the particular service to the Client. In case this is not possible, Client Service of the Portal shall provide the Client with an opportunity to acquire alternative services of the Portal for the collected sum at no additional cost upon the discretion of the Client Service.
6.3. In case the Client has paid for the services of the Portal by means of Hanzanet or payment cards and an error is established in the systems developed by CDI thus resulting in collecting a larger payment sum for the services from CDI than was due to the latter at the particular moment, the Client can deliver a written application to CDI within 5 (five) business days from the moment of purchase. In such a case, after ascertaining the conditions, CDI shall return the incorrectly deducted sum of money to the Client. If any other party involved in the payment process is accountable for the occurrence, for example, a bank, payment card processing centre and/or software of international payment card organizations, CDI shall assist the Client within limits to retain the incorrectly deducted sum of money; and if CDI receives the incorrectly deducted sum of money from the party held responsible, CDI shall disburse it back to the Client.
6.4. If the Client has paid for the services of the Portal by the means of premium rate SMS, CDI shall in no case reimburse the payment sum back to the Client and shall not return the mobile telecommunications credit to the Client because CDI has no such technical facilities. In case of an erroneous deduction of money for services provided in the Portal, the Client must turn to his/her mobile telecommunications operator with a corresponding request.
6.5. In case the Client does not receive a reply SMS within 30 (thirty) minutes after performing a payment by the means of premium rate SMS, he/she should contact Client Service of the Portal, specifying his/her telephone number, posting time of SMS and his/her e-mail address. If the data provided is correct and it is ascertained that the Client has indeed received the corresponding SMS(s), representatives of Client Service of the Portal shall deliver the materials or make purchased services available for the Client. Otherwise the Client should ascertain whether he/she was capable of disbursing the services available in the Portal (for example, he/she has sufficient prepaid phone card balance) and should turn to the company providing him/her with mobile communication services.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. All disputes concerning the present Agreement shall be settled by parties by mutual negotiations. However in case no settlements are attained in the aforementioned way, the dispute shall be reviewed in courts of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

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