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  • Case Write up of Real Madrid Club de Futbol: Marketing Analysis for Real Madrid Brand Expansion, Based on: Harvard Business School Case "Real Madrid Club de Futbol"

    Essays for university5  

    From its beginnings in 1902, the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid CF has set the standards of a championship soccer organization. Bernabeu, Real Madrid CF appointed president (1943 ...

  • Case Analysis: Real Madrid Club de Futbol

    Essays for secondary school2  

    A.) Introduction Over time, soccer has developed into one of world's most popular games. Its simple rules and ease of playing has made it attractive to boys and girls of all ages ...

  • Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele)

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    "It seems that God brought me to Earth with a mission to play soccer," Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele). Born Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (better known as Pele) is known as a ...

  • Spain

    Research Papers for university31 Evaluated! 

    1.1.The Spanish market Spain is a major industrialized democracy, ranking as the tenth largest economy in the world in 1990. Spain has a population of 39 million, with 14.6 ...

  • Phrases

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school3’s a pity – žēl ka’s a pleasure ( a shame, a comfort, a disappointment ) – ir prieks ( kauns, ērti, žēl ) a rule – kā likums a glance – no pirmā skatiena 5. ...

  • History of Advertising and PR

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    In ancient times the most common form of advertising was by word of mouth. However, commercial messages were found in the ruins of Pompeii. As printing developed in the 15th and ...

  • Analysis of Imants Ziedonis Epiphanies Translation

    Research Papers for university6  

    Imants Ziedonis is a well-known poet and prose writer of Latvia, the author of numerous books and verse collections. His work bears the hallmark of a lifelong romantic quest for ...

  • German Football Stadium

    Presentations for secondary school25  

    The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich, Germany. Capacity 69,901 (seating and standing) 66,000 (seating only) FC Bayern Munchen and TSV ...

  • Social and Language Change

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Every society has a tendency to change throughout the time. Mainly these changes leave some effect on almost every sphere of social life. That can be music, sport, relationships ...

  • Making Photographs

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school31  

    Most photography books start out talking about the various kinds of cameras that are available. Then they talk about lenses, film, and exposure. Only at the very end do they talk ...

  • Sport

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school1  

    Sports Basketball Tulkojums Basketbols People Basketballist Place Basketball court Equipment Hoop, basket, ball, sport shoes Baseball Beisbols Baseballist Baseball ...

  • English Language

    Presentations for secondary school16  

    Old English (450-1100 AD) The invading Germanic tribes spoke similar languages, which in Britain developed into what we now call Old English. Old English did not sound or look ...

  • Cameroon

    Presentations for secondary school1  

    Culture Music and dance are an integral part of Cameroonian ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling. Traditional arts and crafts are practiced throughout the ...


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