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  • St.Patric`s Day

    Presentations for secondary school15  

    About Saint Patrick Born in the late fourth century Saint Patrick was the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland who is credited with bringing christianity to Ireland ...

  • Generation Gap

    Essays for elementary school1  

    ... problems as in ‘’Indrāni’’.

  • Baltic States and USA Economic Relations from 2004 to 2016

    Research Papers for university14  

    Conclusions 1. From the time when the Soviet Union was fallen, each of them has made huge progress in implementing democracy, economic freedom, rule of law and developing a strong ...

  • The Daile Theater

    Essays for elementary school1  

    One year ago, with my class, I visited The Daile Theater. There was shown “Raudupiete” - by Anna Brigadere. I am not very big fan of theatre, but I liked this play. This was the ...

  • Cornell Note-taking Method, Report

    Summaries, Notes for university3  

    Two research methods were used in the practical part. A case-study – an approach to research which takes as its subject a single example, or `case` and a self-completion ...

  • Code Switching

    Research Papers for university10  

    B: čau! ko šodien daram ar cooking contest? A: Hi. Nezinu. Tur buus free food? (…) B: Sad news, pēc principa free food būs tikai tiem kas piedalās un judges (…) While analyzing ...

  • Geodetic networks in Latvia

    Essays for university3  

    In Latvia the organization responsible for the geodetic networks is Latvian Geospatial Information Agency (LGIA). They operate in compliance with By-law of the Latvian Geospatial ...

  • Relevant Developments in Technology and Scientific Discoveries by British Scientists

    Presentations for secondary school24  

    He publishes a seminal study with Austin Bradford Hill that statistically links lung cancer to cigarette smoking. The link between smoking and cancer, cardiovascular disease, and ...

  • Review "Indrāni"

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Indrāni is a play, ... I started reading Indrāni last week.

  • CV

    Samples for secondary school1  

    Rezekne Higher Education Institution Faculty of Economics Specialty: commercial services 2002-at present Vocational school of Riga 1999-2002 Diploma in Secretarial ...

  • Henry David Thoreau "Walden". Man and Environment

    Essays for secondary school2  

    “Walden” is a long poetic essay that was written by an American author who was naturalist, philosopher, transcendentalist, and development critic. The book was published in 1854. ...

  • The Use of Theatresports in Developing Students' Communication Skills

    Term Papers for university53 Evaluated! 

    Nowadays, in the labour market there is a need for people who are well-qualified, professional in their work and know several languages. In addition, employers search for employees ...

  • Latgale

    Research Papers for secondary school7  

    Latgale an ancient part of Latvia, almost a quarter of the whole country, where one third of the population of Latvia lives. Historically, Latgale was the region of Latvia from the ...

  • Rundale Palace / Buckingham Palace

    Presentations for secondary school11  

    Rundale palace History The Rundāle Palace is built between 1736 and 1740 as a summer residence of the Duke of Courland Ernst Johann Biron. In 1972 the Rundāle Palace Museum was ...

  • An Economic Index of Riskiness

    Research Papers for university12  

    Define the riskiness of a gamble as the reciprocal of the absolute risk aversion (ARA) of an individual with constant ARA who is indifferent between taking and not taking that ...

  • Jane Austen "Emma"

    Summaries, Notes for university7  

    Recommendation The main thing that made me think after reading “Emma” is how women are actually different from men. It seems like we are coming from two totally uneven planets ...

  • Discourse Aanalysis: Semantic Domains of Verbs in Recipes

    Research Papers for university7  

    Conclusions As stated in the Introduction the present course report analysed the semantic domains of verbs in four different randomly selected recipes from four different sources. ...

  • Discourse Analysis LU Exam Questions

    Summaries, Notes for university8  

    Research traditions in Applied Linguistics. Classroom discourse Applied linguistics refers to a variety of things: the basic idea is, as the definition implies, to contribute to ...

  • Interpol and Latvian Police

    Research Papers for secondary school17  

    The word ‘’INTERPOL’’ is radio-telegraph code for the International Criminal Police Organization which consists of 187 member countries who have agreed to "ensure and promote the ...

  • Survey and Survey Report

    Samples for university2  

    Purpose The aim of this report is to present young people’s awareness and opinion of sport, specially waterskiing. The data of this report was obtained from a random sample of 33 ...

  • Grammatical Cohesion of Magazine Articles

    Research Papers for university9  

    Conclusions By revising theories it is become clear, that grammatical cohesion consists of referencing, substitution and ellipsis. The information available of the genre of ...


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