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  • Alcohol Is far more Dangerous than Marihuana

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... causes addiction (if marihuana is smoked), is ...

  • Marihuana

    Essays for secondary school1  

    The legalization of marijuana has become a very important issue in today's congress even the former president of the US Bill Clinton said that he had experimented with marijuana ...

  • Drugs

    Essays for secondary school7  

    Conclusion People have always wanted to make feelings and emotions stronger and variable. This desire to experience something unusual or extraordinary has lead to widespread drug ...

  • Should Smoking Be Banned?

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... than heroin, cocaine, marihuana, alcohol and caffeine.

  • Rick Ross

    Essays for secondary school2  

    After two years came out his next album “Trilla” on witch you would expect to that he does better, but that was not the case. Although he had a lot of guest singers in his songs, ...

  • Main Terrorist Organizations

    Summaries, Notes for university5  

    Al Qaeda What it is: is a global militant Islamist and Wahhabist organization, originated in the Soviet war against Afghanistan (around 1988-1989). Goal: (1) Islamic caliphate, ( ...


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