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  • Curriculum Vitae in English

    Samples for secondary school1  

    2004 – LCCI Certificates- Level 2 English for business, Level 2 Spoken English for Industry and Commerce, Level 2 Practical Computing (Word Processing, Spreadsheet) 2003 – ...

  • Vēstures terminu vārdnīca angļu valodā

    Summaries, Notes for university11  

    U 481. Upland – pakalns 482. Under pressure – zem spiediena 483. Unified – vienots 484. University – universitāte V 485. Valley – ieleja; - vale, dale 486. Vandalism – ...

  • Saulkrasti Beach

    Essays for elementary school1  

    Combine a chilled day at beach with sport activities. In the centre of Saulkrasti beach is a wonderful seaside park which invites you to try the outdoor exercise facilities, ...

  • The book I have Read in Summer.The Book "Zvejnieka dēls"

    Essays for secondary school1  

    The book I have read in summer is “Dziedoņi ērkšķu krūmā”. It was a novel which was written by Kolīna Makkalova and published in 1989. The main characters are: Megija, her family – ...

  • Latvian Surnames in Kurzeme

    Research Papers for university15  

    I have chosen this topic because I found it interesting to get to know what kind of Latvian surnames are most popular in Kurzeme. Of course the numbers are approximate because I ...

  • Employment in Latvia/ Nodarbinātība Latvijā

    Research Papers for university8  

    According to the standards of the International Labour Organization, the population of a country is divided into economically active and economically inactive population. ...

  • Message in O.Wilde's Fairy-tales

    Research Papers for university15  

    Oscar Wilde, a wit, a poet, a novelist and a dramatist, lived in the period of Victorian era. Creative writing was deeply affected by the general spirit of the age. The period saw ...

  • Job Facilities in Western Europe

    Research Papers for secondary school25  

    I have chosen to write my scientific research work about job facilities in Western Europe, because the economical situation in Latvia at the moment is really bad and many people, ...

  • Motivation Letter

    Samples for secondary school1  

    Dear Ms. Samite, I am writing to apply for the receptionist position of Slitere guest house which was advertised on Slitere National Parks web site (, 10 ...


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