Published: 26.11.2009.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 10 units
References: Used
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How is it then? Is this the lack of knowledge; is it the lack of interest or lack of codified constitution?1 To tackle this question it is important to understand the actual meaning of what is Constitution, how it operates and why do we need it. My target in this essay is to answer these main questions, and to do so I will go step-by-step explaining and clarifying ideas that followed by my research and conclusive summary will open your ayes in the way I view this situation.
UK has a constitution, but it lacks The Constitution. As we understand there are two types of constitution – written (codified) and unwritten (uncodified) and UK has unwritten constitution. Codified constitution is single instrument; it is a single document where you can find your rights and responsibilities.2…

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