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ID number:486172
Published: 10.07.2001.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

What life’s values do we have? There are no two identical persons in the world. That’s why certainly each of us would give different answers. Many people are thinking that the world can’t exist without love and kindness. Others are sure that the most important thing is work. They believe that people is living only when they are doing something. Unfortunately some of us don’t see anything around with the exception of money. Money made them blind. They don’t notice that they can help their friends who have any troubles. “How can I get more money? ” they are searching the answer to this question during all their life. I don’t agree with them. Now I’ll tell you about my life’s values.
At first my family and home is very important for me. Home is the place where I can find the support and the attention. At home I’m feeling in perfect security because I know that nobody can offend me here. There is my favourite place in the world. At home people who I love very much are meeting every day. They are my parents. My mother and my father. They are with me during my birthday. Not only when I have success, but in difficult times too. I’m sure that we need to hold in high respect parents. They presented us the most valuable thing at all – life. They are only two persons who can die for their child sake. Many teens think that their parents don’t understand them. It isn’t true. Parents worry about their children so they don’t want we have nuisances with law or at school. Parents want to defend us from all bad occurrences in society. When your mother bans you to go to the late party she simply is anxious about you. You need to interpret this. By the way, if you don’t respect your parents your children will not respect you too.

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