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ID number:166586
Published: 01.12.2016.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used
Time period viewed: 2000 - 2010 years
2011 - 2015 years

In the last part of the second chapters, the author singles out the relevance of sense ordering strategies to bilingual dictionaries, in which he notes that ‘the above strategies have mostly been described with monolingual dictionaries in mind’ (ibid), and, while they may be relevant for bilingual dictionaries, the author argues that ‘the strategies outlined above may lose or change their significance in those bilingual dictionaries whose microstructural organization is built around target language equivalents’, which is a valid argument, however, not important for my Master Thesis, because it concerns bilingual dictionaries, which are beyond the scope of my Master Thesis.
To sum up, the article by Robert Lew is well-written and interesting to read. It provides an insight into the issue of polysemy and the ambiguity of the term ‘polysemous entry’, and it discusses sense ordering strategies that are essential in analyzing sense organization in dictionaries. The author provides the reader with valid and interesting arguments, even if at some point the information seems incomplete for the less experienced reader in lexicography, and the arguments are consistent with one another. However, the inconsistency of the term used when referring to sense ordering was found, when the author mentioned sense grouping, which implies lumping and splitting, instead of sense ordering, as it was also stated earlier in the article. Nevertheless, it does not influence the overall positive impact from reading the article.

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