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ID number:604544
Published: 02.11.2009.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Act I

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, well, to be honest, not too long ago there lived a wise and ancient alchemist, who among other weird stuff, had figured out how to travel in time. He was generous and kind hearted man, a pacifist really, but maybe too attached to his hash pipe.

The magician slowly walks along a street, leisurely drawing form his pipe every no and then, when a young man in sports pants, sneakers and a leather jacket

ГОПНИК: ей пацан, дай телефончик, мне тут приперло - позвонить надо
Alchemist: Excuse me? (Almost laughingly)
ГОПНИК: ну давай, только позвонить надо
Alchemist: Bug off!
ГОПНИК: я сказал - телефон давай! ну! шевелись!
Alchemist: Get your own phone you filthy bum! Scram or I’m gone have to kick you all the way to china!
ГОПНИК: ну всёёё!
He ГОПНИК knocks out the alchemist and proceeds to check his coat pockets for valuable stuff
ГОПНИК: (digs through his pockets, pulls out lots of different items) телефончик, телефончик (quietly to himself) всякое дерьмо тут, блин, есть (picks up a ring, throws it away) а телефончика даже нет...может...хоть двадцать сантим у него есть...

After finding his 20 santims, the gopnik hastily leaves the stage.
Violet walks by stage, with her head down, and suddenly stops in front of the ring.

Violet: I wonder who left this here. Such a pretty ring… well, finders – keepers. (cheerfully) Such a petty ring, and this jewel is just gorgeous, I guess I should clean it.

Violet rubs the ring, there’s a loud bang, perhaps even smoke, change of scenery.
Violet goes behind curtains and janitor comes out.

Janitor 1: Сколько мусора! (Janitor besoms the street.) Просто ужас!! Ой! (Sees Alchemist) Кто это? (Punt him) Ееей! Живой? Живой! Ты чего тут разлёгся! Вставай!
Alchemist: What’s going on...!?…

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