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  • Main Constituents of Earth's Atmosphere and Their Importance for Life on Earth


    Essays6 Geography

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ID number:999089
Published: 18.01.2011.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 4 units
References: Not used

Planet Earth is covered by layered atmosphere. It is unique because it provides us with the air we breathe, protects us from ultraviolet radiation and, after all, it provides the life on Earth. Our air is a mixture of different gases; the most important of them are Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Each of them brings something different and important, what provides and protects the life on Earth.
In this essay I will describe main constituents of atmosphere and their importance for life on Earth. How it provides and affects it.
In this paragraph I will describe consistence of atmosphere more detailed.
Table below presents atmosphere components and their volume in the dry air below 25 km of height.

From the table above we can see that Nitrogen is the most outspread gas in the dry air below 25 km of height. Its volume is 78.08 % and it is overtaking Oxygen for 57.1%. Oxygen is second most outspread gas in the dry air presented. Together both permanent gases (Nitrogen and Oxygen) make up over 99% of all volume, which means that they are the main constituents in the dry air we are surrounded mostly. These gases are mostly passive in meteorological processes.
After them comes Argon with volume of 0.93% and Carbon Dioxide with volume of 0.035%.
Four gases- Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide- account for 99.98% of air volume.
Other gases from table (Neon, Helium, Ozone, Hydrogen, Krypton, Xenon and Methane) are in minimal volume and they do not appear often.…

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