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  • Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst and Dadaism


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ID number:580692
Published: 06.09.2003.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

This conclusion supports the thesis of Ernst's works being intensely psychological in their basis and content and supports the idea that Freudian psychology was a strong base for Ernst in his use of collage and of art in general.
It was this exploration by Ernst of sexuality in late Dada and Early Surrealism that would lead to some of the intensely perverse, deviant images created later, such as the mannequins of Man Ray and the doll's Balmer along with so many of the paintings done by artists such as Dali. Ernst laid the basis for these later developments with his explorations in chance, the subconscious, and condensation joined with juxtaposition as well as with his use of sexuality and gender within a framework of Freud. His collages, which were his attempt at abandoning the traditionally artist creation and his work with found images, always working to keep their unique meaning would later be highly influential.

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