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ID number:460300
Published: 16.04.2007.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

The theme of war is one of the main themes in Ernest Hemingway’s novel “Farewell to arms”. The war is shown directly and we can sometimes be witnesses of those terrible events that took place during the war. But I can also tell, that these descriptions are far less dreadful and spine chilling than I have read in the books of other writers. Maybe this is because the main hero isn’t fighting in the front line and we don’t have to read about dead and malformed people. But also this book causes a great influence on people, because the author has put a great effort to create that atmosphere and to make his readers understand, how terrible, cruel and senseless the war is.
To be quite honest about it, I was sometimes very surprised about what happened behind the front line – all those cafés, restaurants, hoarse racing and hotels and about the social life. I wondered if they at least cared about what was happening and what could happen within few days. And it also seemed somehow strange for me that the relatives were sending money and best wishes to their sons and brothers and husbands while they were eating, drinking and having fun. Of course, there were also other kind of people who worked hard or fought and then the only way how to forget all they have seen and experienced, was in all the above-mentioned things.
Yet during all the time Ernest Hemingway has written about, there is this belief and strong conviction in everyone, that the war is senseless and there will be no victory no matter who wins. Simple people talk about it and are not afraid to admit that they hate everything that is happening.…

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