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ID number:835681
Published: 25.04.2007.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Bible is the most important work of Christian religion, so as Latvian folklore is important part of ancient Latvian religion. In Bible main man virtues as they should be are expressed in 10 Commandments, while Latvians can find their ancestry main virtues in big thesauri of Latvian tautasdziesmas. Among 10 Commandments and tautasdziesmas can be seen similarities in people thinking about what the well lived life should be. There are at least three things – parents, marriage, and work – on which 10 Commandments and tautasdziesmas holds nearly the same or sometimes identical views.

First, Bible and tautasdziesmas have similar thoughts about is importance of work in people life. The Eighth Commandment sounds “You shall not steal”. To steal neighbor's property is forbidden, and is considered a sin. After looking deeply on this, can be seen that it’s not only about stealing, but it is about honest and hard work. Man's possessions, both spiritual and material, enable him to be a steward for the benefit of himself and society. Almighty God endowed each people with abilities to work and produce the means of life, so this ability must be used, because hard work is under every person’s welfare.…

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