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ID number:627654
Published: 02.04.2014.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

7) Teacher’s language use – at the lesson teacher use English, she talk to pupils in understandable and good pronounced English language, pupils understands words and hear the correct pronunciation.
8) Feedback to pupils – at this lesson after their grammar quick check pupils just gave the exercises and go away. At the lesson beginning teacher with a pupils were repeating about themes, which will be at the grammar quick check tasks.
9) Ability to solve arising problems – at the lesson beginning teacher firstly explain to pupil’s consecution of lesson. She said that firstly they will repeat, than they will to doing exercises, she explains about some instructions, than just began the lesson. Because to pupils it is more understandable and more clearly, that they now what expected them.
10) Are teaching aids an organic part of lesson? – at the lesson teacher use just a blackboard where at the lesson beginning she write some important points about repeating themes. Than pupils were doing a exercises from their book.
11) Error correction (type of error you noticed, did the teacher notice it and correct, technique used for correction, remedial work done or suggested) – teacher correct mistakes only at the beginning at the lesson when the pupils were talking and repeating about some grammar points, about adjectives and about phrasal verbs. She writes on the blackboard some explanation, grammar.
12) My opinion about this lesson - this lesson was like a grammar test, teacher just gave to pupils some practice work, she wants to know which pupils understands some grammar points and is able to do some exercises without any help and which pupils need more help to do the exercises. I think that at the next lesson, when teacher will correct the exercises, she will more know want points of grammar at this class they need to more practice.

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