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ID number:162540
Published: 13.03.2018.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 6 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1)  What are prepositions?   
2)  What are prepositional phrases?   
3)  At, in, on (time)   
4)  At, in, on (places)   
5)  In, on, at, by other uses   
6)  Other prepositions of places   
7), until, since, for, by   
8)  Before, after, during, while   

We use to for movements and with words- go / come / return :
I went to the bus stop to meet Helen.
We are going to London next week;
but at or in for positions- where somebody / something is :
I waited at the bus stop for twenty minutes;
My brother are in the city centre.

We say go/come/walk/get/arrive home (without ‘to’):
I am going home.
But we say be/stay/do something at home:
I am staying at home this eneving.

We get to a place, but we arrive at a place, or arrive in a big place (NOT arrive to):
It took three hours to get to Cambridge.
I was tired when I arrived at the station.
We arrived in London very early in the morning.

We can use from… before to… :
He took five days to cycle from London to Edinburgh.

We say ‘been to a place’:
I have been to Italy four times.
We say ‘go ,get, fly into a room, a building, a car etc.’:
A bird flew into the kitchen trough the window;
Note that we get into and out of the cars BUT on (to) and off buses/trains/planes/ships.

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