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ID number:210164
Published: 31.08.2020.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Little, a little, The little
Little with a singular noun means (maz):
I have very little time for reading.
A liitle means mazliet:
The little means tas mazais daudzums,kas...:
Be cereful with the little money you have.

next, The next
Next, the next
Next week, next month, next spring
The next mans tuvakais sekojošais, tuvākais: 
The next room
last, a last
Last means pagajušais (-ā):
Last year, last month, last lesson.
The last means pēdējais (-ā):
The last week of August was sunny and warm.
The Last month of the year is December.
most, a most, the most
Most boys like to play ball.
Most of the boys like to play ball.
This is a most useful book. (a very useful book)
they were most kind to me. ( very kind)

The article use with weather
Weather is never used with the indefinite article:
What is nice weather!
As an abstract noun weather usually does not take an article:
He stays indoors in wet weather.
The people put clothes in cold weather.

Sufixes and prefixes
The word may be:
Simple (vienkāršs): Work, sun, home
Compound (salikts) workroom; sunflower; good-looking
derived: (atvasināts): worker; sunny; homeless; godness; warmly
Derived words are formed by suffixes (piedēkļi) and prefixes (priedēkļi)
- er - or Worker; writer; beginner; sailor; tractor; editor
- ism realism; naturalism; optimism; patriotism
 - ist realist; naturalist; optimist
- ing building; begining; singing; hiking; ending; rowing
- ness kindness; darkness; ilness; happiness
- ment development; movement; agreement
- ship friendship; hardship
- ty activity; quantity
-y dady; Johhny; Tommy
-th death; length; truth; depth
Prefixes are:
 - un unhappy; unfriendly; unbroken; uncommon
-im impolite; immoral; impersonal; impatient
 -in indirect; inhuman; indefinite
 -mis mistake; misuse
- dis dishonest; disagree; displease; disarm
-re return; reform; rewrite; report
-ex express; extract; explain; export

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