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ID number:618847
Published: 15.05.2008.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 6 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  Introduction to Aircraft Hydraulics    3
1.1.  Aircraft Hydraulics Definition    3
1.2.  What is a hydraulic system?    3
1.3.  Pascal’s Theory    4
1.4.  Advantages of Hydraulic Systems    4
1.5.  Some Devices Operated by Hydraulic Systems in Aircraft    5
2.  Hydraulics Systems Principles of Operation    6
2.1.  Hydraulic Pressure Regulated Power System    6
2.2.  Functions of Parts of the Power System    8
2.3.  Aircraft Hydraulic System Reservoir    8
2.3.1.  Functions of the Reservoir    8
2.3.2.  Construction of Reservoir    9
2.3.3.  Cavitation    9
3.  Aircraft Hydraulic System Power Pump    11
4.  Hydraulic System Check Valves    12
4.1.  Pressure Control    12
  Principle of Operation (see Fig. 4.2.)    12
4.2.  Circuits Using Pressuring Limiting Devices (PLDs)    13
5.  Hydraulics System Accumulators    14
5.1.  Uses of an Accumulator    14
6.  Hydraulic System Hand Pumps    15
7.  Flow Control    15
7.1.  Selector Valves    15
7.1.1.  Rotary types    15
7.1.2.  Piston Type    16
7.2.  Types of Actuation Cylinders    17
7.2.1.  Single Piston, Single Rod    17
7.2.2.  Single Piston, Double Rod    17
7.2.3.  Rotary Motion Actuating Cylinder    17
8.  Automatic Hydraulic Transmissions    18
9.  Boeing 737 onboard hydraulic control panels    21
10.  Improvements in hydraulic systems    26
  Bi-Directional Hydraulic-Electrical Power Conversion    26
11.  Accidents    28
12.  Kopsavilkums/Аннотация/Annotation    29
13.  Literature    31

What is a hydraulic system?
It is a system where liquid under pressure is used to transmit this energy. Hydraulic systems take
engine power and convert it to hydraulic power by Fig.1.1
means of a hydraulic pump. This power can be distributed throughout the airplane by means of tubing that runs through the aircraft. Hydraulic power may be reconverted to mechanical power by means of an actuating cylinder, or turbine (see Fig. 1.1.).
The rate of flow of the oil through the system into the actuating cylinder will determine the speed with which the piston rod in the actuating cylinder extends or retracts. When the cylinder is installed on the aircraft, it is already filled with oil. This insures that no air bubbles are introduced into the hydraulic system, which can adversely affect the operation of the system.…

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