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ID number:602878
Published: 14.04.2010.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 9 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  About cartography    3
  The oldest    5
  Map making    6
  Scale in maps    7
  Map types    7
  Topographic map    8
  Colors in maps    9

Usually, when people hear the word „land surveying” or „land use planning”, they incurred the Association for the profession, associated with land lenght and height measurements with a special, unusual instruments and also the border demarcation. Someone even remember about the the novel of famous writers - brothers "Mērnieku laiki" which were obligatory at school. But only a few people realized that land surveying is a very broad profile of the industry, which could not exist without the other related industries.
Daily we generally use various kinds of plans and topographical maps, for example, when we are travelling or driving with car and we need to find the shortest way in map. Or when we need to depict land use patterns in their own or neighbor's property. The famous navigator Christopher Columbus also had been a land surveyor, perhaps that is why he were lucky in discovering America, because at that time he had a acquirements in map drawing and reading. And all maps and plans are drawn by surveyors measured data. This is done in science sector - cartography. It is a very broad field that includes data valuating, processing and map drawing.
In our speciality also cartography is one of the compulsory subjects in next years, so before that, I wanted to know more about maps and cartography and their role in land use planning, in addition to look into the the one of map types - topographic maps, which are one of use planners „field”.…

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