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ID number:165936
Published: 28.03.2006.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 22 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
  The Aim of Writing in Primary School    5
2.  Specific Character of Development of Primary Learners    8
3.  Main Principles in Teaching Writing to the Beginners    10
3.1  Approaches to Teaching Writing    10
3.2  Teaching Handwriting    12
3.3  Sequence of Writing Activities    13
3.4  Steps for Text Writing    13
3.5  Examples for Writing in Primary School    14
3.6  Correction and Assessment    15
4.  Main Problems in Writing    18
5.  Methodological Analysis of the Achievements in Līvāni Secondary School No 1, Form 3a    20
  Conclusion    27
  Summary    28

Learning is usually defined as acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities by study, experience or being taught. Learning always involves self – development – learning to act differently, think differently and feel differently. A good teacher will keep the students’ motivation high, keep students in a good emotional state and satisfy their intellectual curiosity about the subject. Teaching a foreign language the teacher has to develop all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The methods and techniques the teacher should use have to develop students’ personality and stimulate their cooperation and communicative skills. Teachers have to choose methods which can help to interest the pupils into the learning/teaching process and at the same time – provide possibility to achieve the goals and meet the demands of the English language syllabus.
During my work experience I have noticed that many primary students have great difficulty with writing. Because of such difficulties, many students avoid or dislike writing. Students need to be taught writing skills in a way that boosts their confidence as learners, and provide the basis for expanding their ability to communicate their thoughts. In my qualification paper I want to find out the best way how to improve the writing in primary classes and get the students motivated to write.
The goal of the paper: to investigate the main principles in starting writing with primary students.
The objectives:
1.To make out the readiness in beginning writing of the primary students in English.
2.To find out the necessity of writing in primary classes.
3.To get to know strategies in teaching writing to young learners.
4.To analyse theoretic cognitions with practise work.

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