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ID number:917114
Published: 16.02.2010.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 5 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  American and British English    5
2.  English in various countries    6
3.  Differences    7
3.1  Use of the Present Perfect    7
4.  Past Simple/Past Participles    8
5.  Differences in pronunciation in American English and British English    9
  Certain vowels are nasal in some varieties of American English, but not in most British accents    9
6.  Vocabulary    12
7.  Common words in American English and British English    13
7.1  Prepositions    13
7.2  Plural/singular    13
8.  Spelling    14
9.  Questionnaire results and conclusions    16
9.1  Students’ knowledge about languages in school    16
9.2  Languages students use outside of school    17
9.3  Students meeting English outside of school    18
9.4  How educated students are about differences in British and American English    19
9.5  American English differs only in pronunciation    20
9.6  Color- written in American or British English?    21
9.7  Same word, different spelling    22
9.8  American and British vocabulary    23

The author is quite sure that many students in the school (and it is assumed that not only in one particular school) do not know that the language in which they are listening their music and watching films is not the same as they are taught in school.
The difference in the language they are listening to and the language they are taught in school is that in school pupils are learning British English and in their music players young people mostly are listening to the songs in American English. It seems that the only difference between these two terms is in the pronunciation which, as you will see, is not true. If students do not know the difference or even that it exists, it is quite hard for them to acquire the programme they are supposed to learn.
To the author’s mind, the cause of this ignorance is the American pop culture’s massive influence on young people. Of course, the author is not accusing the American culture of the lack of knowledge to our students.
With this research the author would like to show the differences between American and British English and that the most of the students from grade ten do not know the actual distinctions between them.

In this report the reader will see the differences between both languages; know some facts about English speaking countries, the usage of tenses in the UK and US (present perfect, present simple), pronunciation differences, as well as grammar and many more.
This topic was chosen because basing on the author’s own experience it can be concluded that knowing differences between American and British English helps more successfully acquire the programme the pupils are supposed to learn at school. …

Author's comment
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