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ID number:567296
Published: 14.02.2020.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 6 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
1.  The science fiction film genre    4
1.2.  The popularity of the genre    4 2. Translation types 9
2.1.  Subtitles    9
2.2.  Audiovisual translation    17
3.  Translation meaning    19
3.1.  Poor translation effect    19
3.2.  Quality translation effect    21
  Conclusions    23
  Bibliography    24

1.Subtitle production process is carried out in preparation for the subtitle text in the source language and their adaptation to the time codes, as well as translation, following a set number of characters in each line of the subtitle.
2. Science fiction is a thematic film type, which is characterized by a greater or lesser extent, a fantastic performance timing or place, processes, and technology. Typically heroes and creatures from other planets, the world after a nuclear war, interstellar travel, aliens, and similar entities.
3.Comedy is understandable even without translation because the comedy genre is much simpler. Science fiction without translation sometimes difficult to understand even that who is the main character, why happening a change in time and place, and why the whole movie heroes are trying to find a crystal or a light sword.
4.Subtitles are an important element of the film when it is not translated audiovisual. In addition, it is a very good opportunity to learn the language. Subtitles makes it possible to better understand what is happening in the film because the conversation is perceived not only listening, but also visually. Science fiction is quite a difficult genre, so if the subtitle reading goal is just learning the language, then it is better to start with a comedy or cartoon genre.

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