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ID number:946213
Published: 08.02.2010.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 17 units
References: Not used

Motivation -
We human beings are very feeling oriented.  It is very easy for us to say:  “I don’t feel like it today”.  Huge mistake…  When you allow your feelings to dictate whether you do something or not - you’re really looking for a reason to fail.
Motivation is not some extra talent that you need to acquire in order to achieve something.  Motivation is getting yourself a big enough reason to complete your goal or dream.  If you have a big enough reason, an important enough goal at the end of the tunnel, finding motivation becomes a lot easier.
The picture from Harold’s Planet reflects a deep meaning of what is the motivation. Motivation is something that you need to find in yourself- it is not under the mug or in one of the drawers, it is in yourself! However, a lot of external factors can effect it. Speaking about the motivation in general. Have you ever thought about: What makes you happy? What makes you strong? What makes you take very responsible steps? Maybe your family and friends? Maybe when you do great job and you are proud of it? Or…There are many questions like this…But what you need to do is to seek out in your heart and soul, and to find the fizz that motivates you!
In the work analysis based on the questionnaire will be shown the answers given by students, assumptions about the reason they have made a concrete preference, as well as the comparison or in other words – my own opinion of each question.…

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