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ID number:198768
Published: 21.01.2014.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 15 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Anotācija    5
  Introduction    7
1.  Researches of Mars    8
1.1.  Earth and Mars essential characteristics    9
1.2.  Martian atmosphere    10
1.3.  Extremophiles    11
2.  Mars – a potential planet on which life can thrive    12
2.1.  Water on Mars    13
2.2.  Life capsule design and operating principles    14
2.3.  Creating an artificial atmosphere    15
  Conclusion    16
  Bibliography    17
  Attachments    18

The hypothesis- creating necessary environmental conditions on Mars, certain life forms could manage to survive and expand - is confirmed. By using a life capsule, it is possible to deliver extremophiles to Mars as well as mechanisms for creating a primitive artificial atmosphere, which will ensure the long term development of life all over the planet. Based on the information gathered, it can be concluded that Mars is not significantly different from Earth. As one of the main reasons why there is no life on Mars is that, Martian atmosphere is too thin and low temperature doesn’t allow water to be in a liquid state, but it can be corrected. Setting up a small factory that distributed large quantities of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, the atmosphere would be thickened, but the pressure would increase, which would allow water to be in liquid state, but it would take few decades. [6.] Addition, CO2 will make greenhouse effects and as a result the surface of Mars air temperature will rise. Ice will melt, and if there are some live organisms on Mars, then they would exit the dormant state where they may have for centuries and begin to develop in the water, as has happened on Earth.[6.] If that happens, Panspermy theory would be proven. If there is no life on Mars, then sent creatures will be able to develop a new life on Mars.
Extremophiles and other sent organisms after exiting their anabiose will face many challenges. …

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