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  • Political Systems of East Asia States - an Alternative to Political System of Western States


    Research Papers13 Politics

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ID number:597077
Published: 07.05.2012.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 8 units
References: Used

Having performed investigation of forms of French and Japanese government, the conclusion has been made that Japanese monarchy gives most power to parliament, in its turn French Republic allows in certain situations disregard to the opinion of the parliament and the majority of power holds the president.
Certainly, the form of government has a huge impact on the relationship between authorities holding power. But historically it has been established that initially there is a form of government, then this form of government composes a constitution in which primarily expresses exactly its own interests and exactly the constitution prescribes characteristics of form of government with all its consequences.
When comparing two political systems of different countries, especially when they belong to absolutely opposite geographical, historical, structural, and ethical sides as it does Japan and France, it is important to bear in mind significance of cultural differences. Initially any political, economical, or social system has been formed grounded on values of a nation: “the Asian preference would be for the EU to focus on government and governance rather than human rights and values” . It is absolutely impossible to imagine that in Western political structure a woman would not be allowed to lead a state just because of her gender. Concerning the two chosen countries, it is worth to remember that „Confucianism was important in the Japanese case in the same way that Protestantism dynamited the rise of the West” .
Moreover, the role of the United States of America, which is considered to be a Western state, in development of Japan’s policy has to be taken into consideration: “[…] it is not possible to understand East Asian development without considering the influence of its relationship with the United States” . Certainly, the United States did not interfere into creation of Japanese political system directly, however there is a doubtless fact that along with years of occupation the Western-style America has shared with Japan its Western system of values.

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