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ID number:305953
Published: 30.12.2019.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 8 units
References: Used
Time period viewed: 2016 - 2020 years
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    1
1.  Theoretical background    2
2.  Use of Context in Spanish Text Books    5
2.1.  Methodology    5
2.1.1.  The goal determines the research method    5
2.1.2.  Data collecting tool    5
2.1.3.  Sample and corpus    5
2.1.4.  Procedure    5
2.2.  Results and discussion    6
2.2.1.  Comparison of two Spanish text books    6
2.2.2.  The results of the survey    9
  Conclusions    11
  Theses    12
  References    13
  Appendix    14

Following the objectives which have been brought up for the paper, the author may conclude that the goal and aim of the paper has been achieved and the research questions have been answered.
After performing a case study of the theoretical material on context, the author may conclude that the context is the environment in which language works and exists and that the language exists the way it exists because of how it is spoken by the native speakers, and this provides the answer on the first research question.
As to the role of context, the author has found out that the context plays a major role in language acquisition. With the help of the analysis of two textbooks it is now known that the context helps to understand how the language functions. Context gives a brighter image of how the language works in its natural environment, and therefore, the process of acquiring the language becomes more productive. The analysis helped to answer on the second research question.
The results of the survey brought the answer on the third research questions. As language acquirers themselves, the participants of the survey do agree that the presence of context make language acquisition easier. They also think that the context makes the process of language learning more effective.
Context is a notion which will always have a major role in language acquisition and understanding how the whole concept works is certainly a knowledge that will come in handy for every language acquirer.

Author's comment
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