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ID number:384655
Published: 27.03.2019.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 14 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
  Introduction    3
1.  Sexual offence liability types and criminal punishments    4
1.1.  Sexual offence    4
1.2.  Criminal punishment for committing a sexual offence    5
2.  Victims of sexual assault    6
2.1.  Characteristics of victims    6
2.2.  Statistics    7
3.  Sex offenders    9
3.1.  Types of sex offenders    9
3.2.  Psychological grounds    10
4.  Sexually assaulted persons reactions to the situation    12
5.  Help and preventive measures    14
  Conclusion    16
  Key words    17
  List of used literature and Internet resources    18

From this report, I have made a couple of final conclusions from analyzing the gained information.
• Sexual crimes are deeply traumatising for the victims.
o Victims of such crimes often experience various health disorders and long term mental disorders.
• Victims often feel responsible or guilty because of the attack
o For not being able to stop abuse, they often blame themselves, thinking: “It was my fault- I should not have gone there” or “I probably deserve this”
• There are two types of offenders – aggressive type and convincing type.
• Sexual abuse is a huge issue in the 21st century world. Statistically in the EU, it is also a huge problem in Latvia, however, people tend to not talk about it.
To reduce sexual abuse, stricter laws are needed, however, they may not necessarily resolve the issue. In my opinion, not even weapons or new jail constructions for these kind of individuals may help. The best way is to understand the real situation and deal with it. It is extremely difficult to find sex offenders, if victims are scared to open up. First, more awareness should be raised in the Latvian society, explaining what is rape, and what kind of sexual abuse types there are.
It is vital to begin to recognise the two types of offenders – aggressive type and convincing type. The aggressive type may be easier to recognise, however the convincing type is extremely difficult to recognise, as these individuals lead a double life.

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