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ID number:868564
Published: 14.05.2010.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 6 units
References: Not used

According to the type of work, chains applied in engineering are subdivide into two groups: driving and hauling. In our work we examine motor-car rollers of driving chains. We considered the process of making rollers from metal in coils to the ready rollers, as well as made micro sections to better consider properties of the metal from which the rollers are produced before heat treatment and after it. After each delivery of metal to the plant, after calibration and correction, heat treatment, grinding and tumbling the final check of rollers is carried out. The metal is checked up not from every coil, but from every tenth. After calibration and correction only few rollers are taken for the control. The next control stage is as follows: only 16 rollers from all are checked after heat treatment, and after centerless grinding only 20 rollers are chosen, therefore we are interested in checking feasibility of control.
Work consists of 8 parts: receipt of metal at the plant and its check, calibration, correction, wet tumbling, heat treatment, grinding, dry tumbling, results. 6 sources, 2 diagrams, 14 pictures, 1 table have been use in work.

Statistical analysis of production of rollers of the properly chosen modes.

Purpose of work:
To monitor chosen modes of control of rollers at the plant

1. To generalize and analyse accessible information on production of rollers.
2. To observe the process of production of a roller for a chain 9V2-00.40.
3. To study the process of production of micro sections.
4. To familiarize with the statistical analysis of all stages of control while producing the roller of brand 20Х…

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