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ID number:863438
Published: 25.10.2005.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: 3 units
References: Not used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  Talsi history    3
2.  Talsi District    3
3.  Tourism in Talsi    4
4.  Commonwealth cities    4
5.  Most interesting sightseeing objects    4
6.  Stay places in Talsi    5
7.  Used sources    6

1. Talsi history:
Talsi – „Pearl of Kurzeme’’ – The town of nine hills – Pilskalns, Keninkals, Lecu hill, Tigulu hill, Sauleskals, Baznickalns, Krievragkalns, Vilkmuizas hill, Dzirnavkalns - perches above two lakes Vilcumuijas and Talsen. Talsi history of hidden in its calm cobbled streets, in its well – preserved parks, cherry and apple – tree gardens of long standing.
Talsi is first time mentioned in 1213, first settled around two small lakes – Vilcumuijas and Talsen(Vilkmuizas and Talsi). In a 14th or a 15th century the Teutonic Order built a castle Talsen here. In a 17th century the town was developed, but both castles and town were destroyed during the Northern war (1700-1721).
The name Talsen is supposed to be derived from two German words, ‘’Tal’’ and ‘’See’’, meaning ‘’valley’’ and ‘’lake’’, and in fact the German influence in the area was quite strong. Among the Jewish upper class in Talsi, many of the children studied at German school, and many families spoke German.
During the Revolution of 1905, many Jews were active in opposing the Russian government. Half of Talsen was destroyed by fire in 1905, when Russian troops surrounded the town and started firing. Thus, very few records remain from the town before that time.
On April 28, 1915, the Jews of Kurland were ordered to leave within 24 hours. They were accused of sympathizing with the Germans. Most were sent to five provinces within Russia designated to take the expelled Jews. Some returned after the war, and before World War 2, the Jewish population of Talsi was around 500. This community disappeared in September 1941 when they were taken outside the town and shot by a squad of Latvian ‘’Arajs Commandos’’.
The town revived in the 19th century. In 1917 a town rights were granted. The arms were granted in 1925. The wreath and hand symbolize strength.
2.Talsi District is one of 26 rural districts of the Republic of Latvia and it consists of 20 local communities. These include tree towns – Talsi (12.391 inhabitants) – the center of the district, Valdemarpils – town with its rural territory, and Stende Town; one region Sabile Region, including Sabile Town; and 16 parishes – Baltgale, Dundaga, Gibuli, Ive, Kulciems, Laidze, Lauciene, Libagi, Lube, Mersrags, Roja, Strazde, Valdgale, Vandzene and Virbi Communities.
In Talsi also live together people with 22 nationalities. In the first place Latvians, then Russians, then Gipsy, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, German and others…
Talsi district is located in the northern part of the Kurzeme Peninsula. It borders on Ventspils, Kuldiga and Tukums districts. It is surrounded by the 96 km long shoreline of Riga Gulf and Irbe Strait.
The district measures 2.751 square km, or 4.1% of the all territory of Latvia. Woodland covers 55% of Talsi district territory, 29% is agricultural land, 3.5% is water, and 3.4%(9.400h) is swamps, of which peat production covers 1.700h.
3. Tourism in Talsi
Talsi is heaven to most travelers who can appreciate both the calm, workday routine of a rural town and the aura of culture and relaxation on weekends. Talsi is a town where a traveler can sense the reciprocal harmony of history and nature.

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