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ID number:251915
Published: 02.04.2006.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 14 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
I.  Content    2
II.  Introduction    3
III.  Etymology of word Ecumenism    5
IV.  Theological analysis of Ecumenism    9
V.  Situation in Latvia    15
VI.  Conclusion    17
VII.  Employed Literature    18


Since is grounded Christian Church, we can speak about unity and problems with that between Christians. We can find disagreement already into apostles about a teaching, how it is described in The Acts. We aren’t exception. Each denomination aspires to convince others to own rightness. For people it is inherent to catch sight mistakes other people and talk just about that but look at ourselves like a measure of truth. That is the reality. But we are Christians and we need to try accepting different point of view as possible and wanted from God. I suppose, that Ecumenism exist as complete and entire unity without our aspirations because essence of Ecumenism is Jesus himself.
“The one Church to be a possibility only if it is a community of faith. “Faith” does not mean just any form of religiosity whatever. Faith is not a religious act of some sort which is neutral toward a possible content; rather, it is a faith having very specific, concretely describable contents to which faith is linked and by which faith finds its bearing.”
In this work I will try to display my opinion about heart of Ecumenisms to look at this through the dogmatic and commentary of Holly Scripture. And then we can see how it works in the World – in situation of Latvia.
But in the beginning important is to understand what meant this word – Ecumenism, therefore I introduce little a bit with etymology of this word. In the part of Dogmatic analysis I will speak about similarity teaching of Trinity by Capadocians and our work in Church of Christ.
And in the end I will display Christian Church situation in Latvia. How in Latvia many different denominations can exist side by side. I will mention about Christian teaching in elementary school ground classes, about social work like Diakonia, about Ecumenical Church services and Latvian Christian Radio.
Paul sees the one church present in the total universal church, comprised of all Christians (Rom.16:4; 1Cor.7:17), but he also sees that church present in every local groups of Christians (1Cor.1:2; 2Cor.1:1). The unity of the church is not identical to organizational oneness. It can be manifested in the separated particularities of different churchly communities. Both these perspectives on the church’s diversity make legitimate points.
In area of Christianity is the problem that someone from us sometimes feels itself closer to God then others. Exist rather denominations what proclaim that Living God’s World and Spirit reside just in their Churches. Don’t be supercilious when we looked at other congregations and other Christians. We shell love each other like Christ to appeal us to do that.
The burgeoning of the ecumenical movement in our century has brought us to the point where the oneness of the church is not only a value, which we honor, but also a vivid image, which we cannot avoid.

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