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  • Determining Electrical Resistance Using Wheatstone Bridge


    Samples5 Physics

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ID number:987771
Published: 29.05.2017.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

Suggested Improvements:
The investigation could have yielded more accurate results if the following modifications were made in future:
1. A galvanometer without defects should have been used in the experiment.
2. For next time, the range of values for the known resistor should be changed to 100Ω – 500Ω in increments of 50Ω.
3. Measuring issues relating to the inconvenient access to the rheostat could have been avoided if the setup of the rheostat was altered so that the ruler was locked in an easily perceivable position (below or directly above the rheostat).

The aim of the experiment was to investigate if the value of an unknown resistor can be determined accurately by using a Wheatstone bridge.
From the second graph it can be seen that the ratio between the sections of the rheostat is directly proportional to the value of the known resistor. After further investigation this conclusion is supported as the equation relating both values is Rx=R0l1l2 which can be re-arranged into l2l1=1RxR0. Thus, R0∝l2l1.…

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