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  • Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Dadaism

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Surrealism "Surrealism was Dada without the cynicism (Kissick 419)." Surrealists clang to Freud and Jung and were delighted by the means of sexuality as a hearty competitor for ...

  • Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst and Dadaism

    Essays for secondary school4  

    This conclusion supports the thesis of Ernst's works being intensely psychological in their basis and content and supports the idea that Freudian psychology was a strong base for ...

  • Dadaism

    Essays for secondary school4  

    You will often hear that Dada is a state of mind. You may be gay, sad, afflicted, joyous, melancholy or Dada. Without being literary, you can be romantic, you can be dreamy, weary, ...

  • The elements of Pop art or popular culture

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    Pop art is probably the most well-known artistic movement of the 20th century. Fuelled by consumerism, mass media and popular culture, pop art can be easily recognized by its ...

  • What Is Art?

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    The functions of art described above are not mutually exclusive, as many of them may overlap. For example, art for the purpose of entertainment may also seek to sell a product, i.e ...

  • Salvador Dali and "Soft Clock"

    Research Papers for university8  

    Conclusions 1. Surrealism is 20th century modern art direction, covering literature, painting, sculpture and cinema. Surrealist artists engaged in " parallel" - the spiritual ...

  • Literature Theory

    Summaries, Notes for university18  

    1. `Belles-lettres – imaginative literature. Literature is specifically arranged language, said for specific purpose. Literature is written works, especially those valued for ...

  • The Art in the End of XX Century

    Presentations for secondary school10  

    Art in the end of XX century How art was developed? After the II World War came death of ABSTRACTIONISM Because of it born new art NEW ART: Tascism Was born in 1950, in ...

  • Christianity in C.S.Lewis’ Work "The Chronicles of Narnia"

    Term Papers for university52  

    The theme of the present paper is “Christianity in C. S. Lewis’ Work “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The reasons for writing a paper on this topic are numerous. The works of Clive ...


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