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  • Masking Traditions in Latvia. Maskošanās tradīcijas Latvijā

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    No Mārtiņiem līdz pat Meteņiem latvieši gājuši masku gājienos. To nosaukumi un parašas atšķiras atkarībā no vietas un laika, kad maskās iets. Izplatītākie ir ķekatas, budēļi, ...

  • Qualification Practice Materials

    Practice Reports for university16  

    Lesson Process (Teacher’s Text) Introduction I am keeping a calendar in my hands. It is a November, isn’t it? You see I have coloured 2 data here. This is the 10th of November. I ...

  • Philosophical Aspects of Arthur Machen`s Book "The Great God Pan"

    Term Papers for university53 Evaluated! 

    Machen`s work “The Great God Pan” is one of his most popular books written in his most productive period of 1890`s. That was a reason for the author of the paper to choose this ...

  • Latvia

    Research Papers for secondary school43  

    The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918. It has been continuously recognised as a state by other countries since 1920 despite occupations by the Soviet Union (1940-1941, 1945- ...

  • Theological Analyse of Ecumenical Movement and Introducing of Situation in Latvia

    Research Papers for university15  

    Introduction Since is grounded Christian Church, we can speak about unity and problems with that between Christians. We can find disagreement already into apostles about a ...

  • Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"

    Presentations for university8  

    What is the book about?.... The novel is about a middle-class country life in the beginning of 19 century. There are five daughters in the Bennet family (Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, ...

  • Traditions and Customs in Ireland

    Research Papers for secondary school20  

    Introduction The present scientific work is on Irish traditions and customs. The reason why this topic has been chosen is that nowadays many Latvian citizens are working in ...

  • Latvia and Latvians

    Presentations for secondary school21  

    About Latvia... Republic of Latvia was proclaimed in 1918 Latvia is one of the Baltic countries From year 2004 Latvia is in the European Union The symbol of Latvia are ...

  • Latvijas Republikas proklamēšana

    Essays for secondary school1  

    ... sounded Baumaņu Kārļa “Dievs, svētī Latviju!” At ...

  • Ten Commandments and Dainas

    Essays for secondary school2  

    The ten commandments and dainas are very different, but there are a lot of similarities between them, too. The content and the moral of 10 commandments and dainas can be compared ...

  • My Christmas Version

    Presentations for secondary school10  

    Santa Claus is a legendary figure who in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school23  

    LATGALE ‘’The land of lakes’’ Aglona – one of the biggest Baltic center of catholicism Rich cultural heritage VENTSPILS One of the biggest port-cities A special feature of ...

  • Comparison of the United Kingdom and Latvia

    Essays for university5  

    Moving on to transport, in the statistics of Latvia and the UK are considerable differences. “The total road length in Great Britain in 2011 was estimated to be 245.0 thousand ...


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