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  • Dzīvnieki - animals

    Summaries, Notes for elementary school5  

    Gliemežvāks - Seashell Jūras zirdziņš - Seahorse Valis - Whale Krabis - Crab Delfīns - Dolphin Ronis - Seal Jūras zvaigzne - Starfish Zivs - Fish Haizivs - Shark

  • English Speaking Countries

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Introduction I chose this project because it is interesting to know some things about English speaking countries. With this project I want to present the all-important things ...

  • Ēdienkarte specializētajam uzturam

    Presentations for university24  

    ... ietvaros uzturā, no dzīvnieku izcelsmes produktiem tiek ... veids neiekļauj sevī dzīvnieku izcelsmes produktus, kuri ...

  • Masking Traditions in Latvia. Maskošanās tradīcijas Latvijā

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    No Mārtiņiem līdz pat Meteņiem latvieši gājuši masku gājienos. To nosaukumi un parašas atšķiras atkarībā no vietas un laika, kad maskās iets. Izplatītākie ir ķekatas, budēļi, ...

  • Animal Issues

    Presentations for elementary school26  

    Animals Used for Experimentation Each year, more than 100 million animals are used in experimentation. Cruelty - free Cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that ...

  • Endangered Species: Vaquitas

    Essays for secondary school2  

    Donate and support conservators. Many organizations are collecting funds to help aid conservation. For example ‘’Save the Vaquita’’ is just one of many that are gathering ...

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy

    Presentations for university11  

    Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) AAT includes meaningly planned pedagogic, psychological and socially integrative interventions with animals for children, youths, adults and senior ...

  • Elephants. Human Impacts and Threats

    Presentations for elementary school31  

    Loveliness: Baby elephant longs for caress and hugs Symphaty: Elephants are the only creatures, except the humans, who organized the funeral, executed the ritual dance with ...

  • National Symbols of Great Britain

    Presentations for elementary school6  

    NATIONAL PATRON SAINT Patron saint of England St. George killed a dragon and saved a princess when he was a high ranking officer/soldier in Roman army – believed to be an immortal ...

  • Keeping Wild Animals in Zoos

    Presentations for elementary school10  

    interesting facts about animals Ants never sleeps elephants live about 50-70 years in wild but only up to 20 in zoos Dolphins sleep with one eye open Males of monkey remain ...

  • Human Causes of Extinction and Endangerment

    Presentations for secondary school8  

    Facts Humans caused 322 animal extinctions in past 500 years Species endangered include one in four mammals, one in eight birds, one third of all amphibians About 68 % of ...

  • Animal Therapy

    Presentations for elementary school6  

    The goals (for mental health) of a pet therapy program can include: increasing self-esteem increasing willingness to join in activities improving interactions with others ...

  • Zoosemiotics: Communication between a Human and a Cat

    Research Papers for university8  

    Conclusions There are both conscious and unconscious things animals do. For example, the cat named Java most likely visits the litter box and kitchen unconsciously - specific ...

  • Slāpekļa cikls

    Presentations for secondary school15  

    Problēmas aktualitāte Latvijā Latvijā slāpekļa piesārņojums ir izteikts blīvi apdzīvotajos rajonos, kur ir daudz transportlīdzekļu. Mūsā slāpekļa piesārņojums pārsniedz noteikto ...

  • Aye aye

    Presentations for elementary school12  

    the aye-aye is considered evil, the forests are being destroyed and the farmers will kill aye-ayes to protect their crops and for poaching.

  • Animal Rights Against Experiments

    Essays for university7  

    Conclusions The Considered theme shows that the European Union attaches a significant concern to the rights and protection of animals against experiments. The will to improve the ...

  • Terminology in Hunting

    Research Papers for university37 Evaluated! 

    In this paper first of all I am planning to look upon hunting terminology from the point of view of Language for Special Purposes, as hunting terms represent a kind of professional ...

  • English-Latvian-Russian Equivalence of Proverbs that Contain the Names of Animals

    Term Papers for university63  

    CONCLUSION Having done the research and written the paper “The English-Latvian-Russian Equivalence of Proverbs that Contain the Names of Animals” the author has come to the ...

  • Animal Protection

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    Animal protection Laws are effective all over the world! And they are: Encouraging responsibility amongst animal owners Promoteing a creation of nature reserves and parks ...

  • Lynx. Black Stork

    Presentations for elementary school13  

    Lynx have short tails and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tip of their ears, They have large padded paws for walking on snow, Their paws may become larger than a human ...

  • The Best and the Worst Aspects of Human Relationship with Animals

    Presentations for elementary school10  

    Animals are safe there With reforms – animals provided with space and diet Educational Conservation Animals can be watched, appreciated

  • Conjunctions, Cinking Words, Adverbs

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school18  

    The British Press The British press consists of several kinds of newspapers. The national papers are the ones sold all over the country, with a large circulation, giving general ...

  • Indian Mythology

    Research Papers for university15  

    “If it does not kill you, then it will make you stronger.” (Indian proverb) Indian culture is as a beautiful treasure house. We can find many different jewels in it: advice how ...

  • Australia

    Research Papers for secondary school13  

    World's smallest continent but sixth-largest country; population concentrated along the eastern and southeastern coasts; the invigorating tropical sea breeze known as the " ...

  • Canada

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    Canada, federated country in North America, made up of ten provinces and three territories. Canada is a vast nation with a wide variety of geological formations, climates, and ...


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