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  • Comparison of Portuguese "Festa de São João" and Latvian "Jāņi"

    Essays for secondary school4  

    ... to Latvians as „Jāņi”. Most leave the ...

  • Jāņi

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    ... abaut.. What is Jāņi? In Latvia, Midsummer ... is called Jāņi (Jānis being Latvian ... the day of Jāņi (24 June) are ...

  • Latvia

    Research Papers for secondary school43  

    The Republic of Latvia was founded in 1918. It has been continuously recognised as a state by other countries since 1920 despite occupations by the Soviet Union (1940-1941, 1945- ...

  • Latvian Food Culture

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Latvia is located in a temperate climatic zone with fairly long and cold winters and warm, short summers. Due to the harsh climate and relatively poor soil quality Latvians have ...

  • Riga 800

    Research Papers for university16  

    Introductions The project “Riga 800” was written to introduce United State students with small city called Riga the capital of Latvia. Since 1st May 2004 Latvia has joined the ...

  • Public Holidays in the United Kingdom and Latvia

    Research Papers for university15  

    Introduction Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to be interested in the culture of other countries. Although many people think that they do not need to know things ...

  • Symbols of Latvia

    Presentations for elementary school13  

    The National Bird The Latvian national bird is the White Wagtail. This energetic bird is a symbol of hard work. The White Wagtail is a very visible resident of Latvia from ...

  • Marketing Plan Company "Simeks"

    Business Plans for university46 Evaluated! 

    At the moment the company “Simeks” is one of the largest companies on the Latvian market. The company’s annual turnover is increasing steadily and it is expanding its field of ...

  • Crosscultural Comparison: Celebrations USA-LV-GB

    Research Papers for secondary school3  

    USA Easter, which falls on a spring Sunday that varies from year to year, celebrates the Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For Christians, Easter is a day of ...

  • World Cultures

    Presentations for secondary school41  

    Russian culture is one that is rich and colorful. They have a rich cuisine. Russian art is considered by some to be very interesting and unique. Russians are also known for their ...

  • Latvian Cuisine

    Research Papers for secondary school10  

    In both countries soft drinks (also called as non-alcholic) are used a lot. Soft drinks can be divided into groups-still(not fizzy) or sparkling(fizzy or carbonated). Popular ...

  • Analysis of Imants Ziedonis Epiphanies Translation

    Research Papers for university6  

    Imants Ziedonis is a well-known poet and prose writer of Latvia, the author of numerous books and verse collections. His work bears the hallmark of a lifelong romantic quest for ...

  • Traditions and Customs in Ireland

    Research Papers for secondary school20  

    Introduction The present scientific work is on Irish traditions and customs. The reason why this topic has been chosen is that nowadays many Latvian citizens are working in ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school14  

    Traditional festives Jāņi (summer solstice) Jāņi is the most ...

  • Christianity in Latvia

    Essays for secondary school2  

    The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to Love, and be loved in return- God is a love and his love is endless. In our days to enyone have a lot of choice, but it is very ...

  • Latvian National Identity

    Essays for elementary school1  

    With word “identity”, I understand all Latvian country, all Latvians who are living in Latvia, Latvian language and our culture – national food, traditions and music. And all ...

  • Latvia

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    Latvia is the central country of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). On the world map Latvia is to be found in North-eastern Europe, on the east coast of the Baltic ...

  • Meals, Latvian Cuisine

    Essays for university2  

    Meals at Latvian country in old times were deemed as important and consequential daily rhythm, when all family comes together around the big dining-table. These meals were like ...

  • Different Ways of Communication Within Latvia University of Agriculture

    Research Papers for university19 Evaluated! 

    In our research we will analyze different ways of communication within organization, in this case the organisation will be our university: Latvia University of Agriculture. As we ...

  • Translation Analysis of Anna Sakse’s Fairytale "Waterlily"

    Research Papers for university5 Evaluated! 

    “Topavasar viss pagasts posās kāzām. Un kā nu ne – staltākais un jautrākais puisis Jukums bija mainījis gredzenus ar skaistāko un krietnāko meitu Rozi.” “It was spring, and the ...

  • Translation Analysis of Anna Sakse’s Fairytale "Waterlily"

    Presentations for university26  

    Anna Sakse (1905 – 1981) Anna Sakse was born in a poor peasant family in 1905. In 1925 Anna started her pedagogy and philology studies at the University of Latvia, though she ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for secondary school10  

    Early history The Ice Age ended in Latvia 13-14 thousand years ago, and the first inhabitants entered Latvia when the glaciers had melted in 9,000 BC. The direct ancestors of ...

  • Development and Characteristic Features of Latvian National Kitchen

    Essays for secondary school5  

    ... summer solstice, or Jāņi (St. John’s ...

  • Latvia

    Presentations for elementary school8  

    ... - Christmas Summer solstice - Jani Easter

  • Latvia

    Presentations for elementary school26  

    Latvian traditional meal Latvian Bacon Buns (Pīrāgi). These buns can be used as appetizers, as part of a light lunch(with, say, a cup of bouillon), or as part of a party table. ...


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