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ID number:889147
Published: 22.01.2008.
Language: English
Level: College/University
Literature: 15 units
References: Used
Table of contents
Nr. Chapter  Page.
1.  Introduction    3
2.  Description of “Seven traditions” by Robert Craig    4
3.  Rhetorical- practical art of discourse    5
4.  Semiotic- intersubjective mediation through signs    6
5.  Phenomenological- experience of otherness, dialogue    8
6.  Cybernetic- information processing    8
7.  Sociopsychological- expression, interaction and influence    9
8.  Critical- discursive reflection    9
9.  Sociocultural- reproduction of social order    9
10.  Seven Traditions of Communication Theory    11
11.  Topoi for Argumentation across Traditions    12
12.  Internal communication at our University    13
13.  External communication of our University    15
14.  Problems in communication    16
15.  Practical part. Research    17
16.  Conclusions    22
17.  List of literature    23

In our research we will analyze different ways of communication within organization, in this case the organisation will be our university: Latvia University of Agriculture. As we all are students the theme of this research is interesting and useful for us, because with this kind of communication we meet in our every-day life. There are many different ways of internal communication in the university, we might say that communication consists of transmitting information from one person to another, so we try to explore and evaluate these ways of information transmission. And as the result of practical inquiry we expect to conclude and see which way of communication is positively and productively oriented.
The structure of research is:
1.The types of communication at our University (and real examples):
Rhetorical-practical art of discourse;
Semiotic- intersubjective mediation through signs;
Phenomenological- experience of otherness, dialogue;
Cybernetic- information processing;
Sociopsychological- expression, interaction and influence;
Critical- discursive reflection;
Sociocultural- reproduction of social order;
2.Marking out the main objectives for internal communication (passing and transmitting instructions, requests and information along the university, for example from faculty to student);
3.External communication, communication as a bass and instrument in structuring the image of Latvia University of Agriculture;
4.Problems and barriers of communication in university;
5.An appendix with an example of enquiry and conclusions.…

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