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  • Contract of Transaction's Account Service

    Samples for university7  

    Commercial bank ______________, hereinafter referred to as The Bank, in presence of president ____________, acting on the basis of the Statute of the bank, on the one hand, The ...

  • Chernobyl

    Research Papers for elementary school9 Evaluated! 

    I chose to write about Chernobyl, because I am interested in these weird things, which happen sometimes. Especially if the government is trying to hide the obvious. You can’t ...

  • Brain

    Research Papers for university19  

    Ievads (Angļu val) One of the nature’s greatest creations is the brain. It is impossible to live without it. Without it our heart beatings would stop, our bounding couldn’t ...

  • Nature Disasters

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Almost every day we hear that some nature disaster has happened somewhere in the world. Human can not stop these disasters, but they can learn about them and try to do something to ...

  • Preses žurnālistikas metodes un žanri

    Essays for university2  

    Man ļoti patika autora valoda, jo tajā ir kaut kas pavisam vienkāršs, bet tajā pašā laikā izcilas stāstnieka (rakstītāja) prasmes, jo izlasot reportāžu, man viss ir saprotams un ...


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