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  • Latvia and Latvians

    Essays for secondary school2  

    What is Latvian? Personally I belive that Latvian is anybody who loves Latvia, is reserved in relationship, calm, but very crazy when talk about Latvian fans, anybody who lives and ...

  • Development and Characteristic Features of Latvian National Kitchen

    Essays for secondary school5  

    Ancient Latvian’s had four major holidays, which are associated with the positioning of the sun in the sky – the winter solstice, at Christmas, when the night is the longest, the ...

  • Latvian Food Culture

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Latvia is located in a temperate climatic zone with fairly long and cold winters and warm, short summers. Due to the harsh climate and relatively poor soil quality Latvians have ...

  • Latvian Cuisine

    Research Papers for secondary school10  

    In both countries soft drinks (also called as non-alcholic) are used a lot. Soft drinks can be divided into groups-still(not fizzy) or sparkling(fizzy or carbonated). Popular ...

  • Riga 800

    Research Papers for university16  

    Introductions The project “Riga 800” was written to introduce United State students with small city called Riga the capital of Latvia. Since 1st May 2004 Latvia has joined the ...

  • Lactose Intolorance and Milk Allergy

    Research Papers for university16  

    Milk contains proteins, carbohydrates (such as sugars), fats, minerals, and vitamins. Casein is the principal protein in cow's milk, accounting for about 80% of the total milk ...

  • Meals, Latvian Cuisine

    Essays for university2  

    Meals at Latvian country in old times were deemed as important and consequential daily rhythm, when all family comes together around the big dining-table. These meals were like ...

  • Latvian Foods

    Essays for secondary school3  

    Yet for time to time Latvians is food use black - rye and wheat bread. For rye-flour and wheatmeal cook flat cake wich curd and bacon ”Sklandarausis” are patato and carrot ...

  • Marketing Research on Foods and Beverage Industry

    Research Papers for university12  

    I Introduction In the first part of this paper I will be looking at the foods and nonalcoholic beverage industry. I will be discussing sales trends, leading firms, marketing ...

  • The National Meals of Various States

    Presentations for secondary school15  

    Eating in Latvia Latvian cuisine comes from the peasant culture. Latvian cuisine is typical for temperate and northern counties, high on butter, fat and grains, low on spice ...

  • Cuisines

    Presentations for elementary school15  

    Thai cuisine Consist of: a soup, a curry dish with condiments, a dip with accompanying fish and vegetables; HARMONY of tastes and textures! Thai cuisine Nam pla – fish ...

  • Georgia

    Presentations for university14  

    Georgian cuisine Bread: Shot - (bread, specifically delicious for the spicy food) Hachapuri - (hot bread with cheese bryndza or Suluguni) Sauces: Themal - (sauce from ...


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