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  • Naudas funkcijas

    Summaries, Notes for university12  

    Vienalga vai nauda ir gliemežvāki vai akmeņi, zelts vai papīrs taj ir trīs primārās funkcijas katrā ekonomikā: maiņas līdzeklis, norēķina vienība un vērtības uzkrāšana. No šīm ...

  • Business Glossary on Commercial Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university14  

    Act of bankruptcy Bankrotēšanas akts Debtor's action that may cause his or her creditors to petition courts to declare him or her bankrupt (in order to force a sale of the ...

  • Summary

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    In this article on the rescue plan for the euro, it says, that Europe’s government-bond markets are spreading to its banking system and beginning to infect global credit markets. ...

  • Economic Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university6  

    № 1 Term Balance of payment (balance of trade) Definition the difference between the value of exports and the value of imports Translation Maksājumu bilance 2 Assurance ...

  • Economic Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    ... responsibilities. 3. Bond – obligācija – document in which ...

  • Home Reading

    Research Papers for university10  

    Existing home sales – Number of previously constructed homes with a closed sale during the month. Existing homes (also known as home resales) are a large share of the market than ...

  • Economical Terms. Glossary

    Summaries, Notes for university18  

    Marketing Mārketings The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Credit card Kredītkarte A small ...

  • Glossary

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    Niche market /niːʃ/– nišu tirgus a small group of buyers with special need, which may be profitable to sell to(e.g. sports cars) .There is litle or no competition and limited ...

  • Investments and Their Role in Economy

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school5  

    Foreign Direct Investment in Latvia(FDI) After Latvia’s accession to the EU, the inflow of FDI increased rapidly and in 2017 reached its highest point (EUR 14.37 billion). The ...


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