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  • ASV štatu


    Essays for university2  

    About half the states have names of Indian origin. The rest were named for persons or places or in various other interesting names. There are some of them: ALASKA: from the ...

  • Graphs Characteristics

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    The graph shows number of passengers in Riga’s, Tallinn’s and Vilnius airports for previous year. The vertical axis of the graph shows number of passengers while horizontal axis ...

  • Patērētāju uzvedības sociālekonomiskie faktori: reģionālais aspekts

    Summaries, Notes for university82  

    NOBEIGUMS Galvenie secinājumi, atzinumi un konstatējumi Promocijas darbā ar ekonomisko uzvedību apzīmēts pazīmju un rādītāju kopums, kas raksturo patērētāju darbības, ieskaitot ...

  • Philosophical Aspects of Arthur Machen`s Book "The Great God Pan"

    Term Papers for university53 Evaluated! 

    Machen`s work “The Great God Pan” is one of his most popular books written in his most productive period of 1890`s. That was a reason for the author of the paper to choose this ...

  • Weather, Climate Zones

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    The weather affects all things on Earth. It helps to shape our landscapes and provide our food supplies. The weather influences the way we live, where we live, what we wear, the ...

  • Business plan

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    Title of company is LTD “Driver”. This will be driving school. This Company I plan to open at Jēkabpils. Properties of company: Title of company: LTD “Driver” Domicile: ...

  • Tourism in Germany

    Summaries, Notes for university7  

    Conclusions 1) Germany is destination for all seasons and every taste. 2) Germany is rated as one of the safest travel destinations worldwide. 3) It’s tourism industry develops ...

  • Trafficking in Human Beings

    Research Papers for university7  

    Conclusion 1. Trafficking in human beings in Europe is not a new phenomenon. 2. In the latest years it influence Latvia as well after when Eastern European countries opened their ...

  • Mr.Higgins - Pygmalion

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Mr. Higgins is a member of upper class, the higher society. Bernard Shaw shows him as a coldhearted person, single, without thoughts about future and a person who ignores other ...

  • 18-19 Century (Underfoot from Empire of Russia)

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Situation in this area was bad, because at the beginning of 18 Century a war was just finished. And many diseases were around – plague, for example notably after The Big North War ...

  • Gearbox Characteristics

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school2  

    The ungoverned torque output of the Vortec 8100 8.1L gas engine and the introduction of the Duramax Diesel 6.6L engine necessitated the introduction of the ZF S6-650 (ML6) in the ...

  • AVON – The Company For Women

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    The company for women I`m going to tell you about... History AVON Products Sales Income Employees Company`s Structure AVON & Latvia Founded in 1886 in New York by Mr. ...

  • Contract for Participation at Fair-exhibition

    Samples for university11  

    ... pielietojums un īss raksturojums, daudzums, izvērsts sortiments ...

  • Wild Cats

    Presentations for elementary school7  

    Tiger The strength and the elegance of this this tiger is admired by a lot of people. The object of tiger’s hunt is twice bigger than the tiger himself, that is why the tiger is ...

  • Tom Sawyer

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school4  

    MAJOR CHARACTERS Tom Sawyer The protagonist of the novel. He is a typical young boy, about ten years of age, who is full of mischief, imagination, and activity. Huckleberry ...

  • Architecture Styles

    Research Papers for secondary school2  

    Neolithic or "stone age" B.c England, Middle East rural plain, corbeled ceiling structures. Architecture includes some of the oldest known structures made by humankind ...

  • Business Culture Guide to Belgium

    Research Papers for university10  

    For a small country with a high density of population [some 10m people in an area about the size of Maryland] Belgium is remarkably lacking in homogeneity. The Royaume de Belgique ...

  • L'Oreal

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school1  

    The L’Oreal Group is the world leader in the cosmetcs industry with international brands such as : L’Oreal, laboraties garnier , Maybeline, Redken, Lancome, Biotherm and Giorgio ...

  • A Succsessful Person - Richard Branson (Veiksmīga persona - Ričards Brensons)

    Research Papers for secondary school23 Evaluated! 

    ... biogrāfija, karjeras gaitas raksturojums, informācija par Brensona ...

  • Crime. Noziegumi. To definīcija. Noziegumi Latvijā

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Everyone knows what crime is, or thinks he does. Yet actually it is one of the hardest words to define in the English language. Many attempts have been made to formulate an ...

  • English Speaking Countries

    Research Papers for secondary school14  

    Introduction I chose this project because it is interesting to know some things about English speaking countries. With this project I want to present the all-important things ...

  • Analysis of PR function in CSDD

    Research Papers for university8  

    On the 25th of October 1991 under the scope of the Ministry of Traffic a new State institution – Road Traffic Safety Directory (RTSD-in English, CSDD- in Latvian) was established. ...

  • Ekonomiskie termini angļu valodā

    Summaries, Notes for university2  

    1. activization aktivizēšana 2. methodology metodoloģija 3. transactions darījumi 4. loans aizdevumi 5. domestic vietējs 6. enterprises uzņēmējdarbība 7. effective ...

  • The Model Applied to Personal Management

    Research Papers for university5  

    Personāla vadīšana tika aprakstīta kā apakšprocesu tīklu plānošana, koordinēšana un kontrolēšana un apakšsistēmu sekmēšana, cilvēku resursu vervēšana, atlase, izmantošana, ...

  • The Issue of Security Situation in Iraq

    Essays for university4  

    Iraq’s security situation is one the most raised issue in the last period of time, which provides many controversial and confusing debates. Different information sources have ...


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