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  • Education in Australia

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school4  

    ... Izglītības Departaments. Skolas kas nav ... par "Neatkarīgajām" skolām) reģistrē aptuveni ... Dažas neatkarīgās skolas pieprasa augstu maksu ... finansējums neatkarīgās skolas bieži saņem ...

  • Čigānu tauta kā minoritāte

    Essays for university3  

    Kā piemēru varu minēt savu pieredzi ar šo minoritāti, esmu redzējis, kā viņi pārdod narkotikas, kā apkrāpj, apzog cilvēkus uz ielas, kā uzmācās, lai iedod naudu un, protams, kā ...

  • Prevention of Violence in School

    Presentations for secondary school12  

    ... into place. Vardarbību skolas vidē no meiteņu ... sodīt vienlīdzīgi. Vardarbību skolā iespējams izskaust vienīgi ...

  • The Importance of Banking System in the Country's Economical Life

    Research Papers for university4  

    Long time ago first banking system started in the same time as buying and selling. Foreign travelers had to change the money for buying things, and that is why in some countries ...

  • Consumables in English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    Vien-kāršie t. Ann makes tea every afternoon p. Ann made tea yesterday n. Ann will make tea tomorrow n/p Ann said that she would make tea soon Tea is made every afternoon Tea ...

  • My School and My Teachers

    Essays for university2  

    I was study at Imanta Latvian grammar school. Now I am the student of the University of Latvia, the faculty of Education and Psychology. Imanta Latvian grammar school is ...

  • Differences Between American and British English

    Research Papers for university17  

    The author is quite sure that many students in the school (and it is assumed that not only in one particular school) do not know that the language in which they are listening their ...

  • The Analysis of the Tranlsation of J.K.Rowling’s Novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone"

    Presentations for university35  

    SYNTACTIC ASPECTS OF THE TRANSLATION Omission of the sentences "Oh, you may not think I'm pretty, But don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find A ...

  • Folkeskole in Denmark

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school6  

    Most children, that is to say 89%, attend the public education system for their basic nine – year learning span with an optional 10th year, refferrend to as the primary and lower ...

  • China

    Research Papers for elementary school11  

    China is a country in East Asia. The capital is Beijing. The third largest country in the world, next to Canada and Russia, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. It ...

  • Viktorīna 7.klasēm par bērnu pienākumiem un tiesībām

    Summaries, Notes for university3  

    1.Kurā gadā Latvijas Republika pievienojās konvencijai par bērnu tiesībām? a)1999 b)2000 c)1990 d)1991 2.Kas ir UNICEF? a)Narkomānijas profilakses centrs b)NDĢ Bērnu tiesību ...

  • Use of the Internet when Learning or Teaching English

    Research Papers for university32 Evaluated! 

    Nowadays it is hard to imagine our society without computers and the Internet. It has become a usual thing to have a computer at home and at school. Once you have a computer ...

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Samples for secondary school1  

    Name: (vārds, uzvārds) Date of birth: (dzimšanas datums tikai šādos veidos: 09/09/1988 vai September 9, 1988) Address: (adrese, piemēram, Flat 14, 81 Brivibas iela Riga LV ...

  • Northern Renaissance

    Research Papers for secondary school5  

    we all know, everything comes back. It applies in architecture and design, too. All big changes starts directly in design and interior, so, I suppose tendencies which we can see at ...

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Samples for secondary school1  

    Work experience 3 years baby sitter ( summer job) agriculture ( summer ...

  • Glossary of Terms

    Summaries, Notes for university30  

    Variety- plural varieties 1)a variety of something a lot of things of the same type that are different from each other in some way: The girls come from a variety of different ...

  • Cover Letter

    Samples for secondary school1  

    ... , in the exhibition „Skola 2012” I talked ...

  • Analysis of EU Funded Investment Project for Latvian Railway Industry Development

    Term Papers for university111  

    Conclusions and Recommendations In the present Master’s thesis, the author has conducted the study of the topic “Analysis of EU funded investment project for Latvian railway ...

  • Educational System of Latvia

    Research Papers for university10 Evaluated! 

    The present Government has declared: The intellectual potential of our nation is the main measure of the future real chances to acquire the education that corresponds to his/her ...

  • Marilyn Manson

    Research Papers for secondary school20  

    There are many ways how one can become famous in music business. Some musicians find other beautiful faces and sing about the most important thing on the world – the only real love ...

  • The Ideal School

    Essays for elementary school1  

    The main tasks and objectives of the ideal school are to teach everyone in sphere what we have chosen and want to study. There are only one target to reach- be very clever and ...

  • Three Men in a Boat

    Essays for secondary school1  

    Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog) is an account of a boating trip on the Thames undertaken by three friends – Jerome, Harris and George – and a fox terrier ...

  • English

    Summaries, Notes for secondary school16  

    rosy – rožains, rozā (saka par parādību) pink – rozā (saka par lietu) clean – tīrs customer – pircējs expensiv – dārgs cheap – lēts tights [taits] – zeķubikses knicker – ...

  • My School - Ogre Grammar School

    Essays for secondary school1  

    You can have many things, like- money, properties and glory, but the only real wealth which no one can take away from you is your education. Mostly young people understand ...

  • National Curriculum

    Essays for secondary school1  

    The first National Curriculum was introduced between 1988 and 1992. It applies to pupils of compulsory school age in community and foundation schools, including special schools and ...


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