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ID number:685830
Published: 09.09.2019.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

7. Passives
Passive (be + past participle)
Lieto, kad mēs nezinām, vai mums vienalga,
kurš to dara.
My car was stolen yesterday. (Mēs nezinām, kurš nozaga)
A lot of wine is produced in France. (Nav svarīgi, kurš tieši producē)
Lieto, kad galvenā tēma, nav tas, kurš dara.
Television was invented in the 2012 by Rinalds Einiks. (Galvenā tēma TV)
Present simple – I am paid every two weeks. Stamps aren`t sold here.
Is Jeremy liked by the other children?
Future passive – Where will the match be played?
One day all the work will be done by machines.
Simple past – This table was made by my grandmother.
Was the letter signed? We weren`t met at the door.
Present progressive – When are you being seen by the doctor?
It is being cleaned.
Present perfect – The house on the corner has been sold.
Passive : St Cathedral was built by Christopher. (Talking about Cathedral)
Active : Christopher Wren built St Cathedral. (Talking about Wren)

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