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ID number:486195
Published: 14.05.2014.
Language: English
Level: Secondary school
Literature: n/a
References: Not used

16. Mr Okada calls his uncle, saying that he’s planning to leave the house at some point soon. Uncle comes to visit the house and him and says that Toru should first try to understand the simplest things and he shouldn’t hurry with decision-making. Uncle suggests that Toru could stand on the street and watch people’s faces, for example. Toru does this for 11 days, reaching the point that he can just watch people go by, without any thoughts, anything. On the eleventh day, though, a person he has seen before passes by. Mr Okada decides to follow him. He even follows him in his house and there the person – the musician and magician Toru once saw in a bar – attacks him. Toru can’t supress his anger, and beats the man until he’s unable to stand. After that he goes home, afraid to fall asleep because of the constant nightmares. When he falls asleep, he, of course, has a terrible dream about what happened with him and the man he’d followed. After that, though, Mr Okada decided that he won’t go anywhere, he won’t run away, instead he will try to get Kumiko back.
New words: glare – atspulgs, sinister - draudīgs.
Book Three – The Birdcatcher. October 1984 to December 1985

1. Kumiko’s family is writing and calling Toru all the time to force him to get a divorce from Kumiko. He says he needs to talk with Kumiko first. Then Noboru Wataya’s uncle dies and he is assured for inheriting the consistency. Toru thinks that the family will be so busy now that they won’t have time to think about Kumiko’s divorce. Toru receives a letter form Lieutenant Mamiya (as an answer to Toru’s previuosly sent letter).
He goes to the estate agents’ office that his uncle once suggested him. He says he would like to buy the land on which the vacant house stood (it had been demolished).
„The winter was a cold one, but I sometimes forgot to turn on the heat, unsure whether the cold was real or just something inside me.”

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